Cards Missing from Card Library site for Battlegrounds

On the Hearthstone Card library, none of the minions that are obtained outside of the “ordinary” tavern pool are listed. This includes the special N’Zoth fish, Ozumat’s Tentacle, The Curator’s Amalgam, and all “Buddy” minion cards, so we can’t study these card options outside the game.

Additionally there are some card filters that could/should be added:

For minion type dropdown list, it would be helpful to add a (none) option for the minion type filter to see all/only the minions that do NOT have a minion type, such as Beleagured Battler, Wrath Weaver, Yrel, etc.

Another useful minion type filter would be “multi” that shows only minions with two or more types, such as Micro Mummy, Corpse Refiner, Curator’s Amalgam, etc.

Though not technically a minion type, such as Undead or Mech, it would also be helpful to add “Buddy” as an option in the minion type filter dropdown list, after adding the Buddy cards to the Card Library.

Finally, it would also be helpful to add cards to the Battlegrounds card library that were previously available, but are currently unavailable, with a label/filter type/their own section that indicates these cards are currently inactive. An example is the Lightfang Enforcer.

I have a list where I have been keeping track of Battlegrounds achievments I was working on, and noticed my progress for one achievement was stuck at 2/7. It was the achievement for having a minimum number of consecutive turns with Lightfang Enforcer in play for multiple separate games. I hadn’t remembered seeing this card, and took a while for me to track it down on the web and discover that it was removed from the Battlegrounds card pool around August of last year, making the achievment currently uncompletable. Hopefully this card will be available in the pool again in the future, either under future card pool shake-up, or as part of a special event, like when the games had random “affixes” that would be in effect for one game at a time.

But in the meantime, it would be helpful for other players like me to be able to see such changes in the card library so that it’s easier for us to find and understand what is going on/why we are unable to continue progress on this achievement. (I.e. the card is viewable in the card library but is indicated as currently inactive). It would also be nice for players who have an occasion/ random interest to easily view the cards that were previously available just for cusiosity-entertainment, like browsing wikipedia articles.

Assuming that there are a LOT of cards that have been active in past years, but are not currently active, maybe an additional filter and indication for the inactive cards could be added, like “Battlegrounds Season 1” or something like that, so players can even see how inactive cards previously worked together.