Card tools not working

Card tools (Card Library, Deck Builder, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries) are not working anymore.

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They are working for me.

For some reason, it stopped for me in Chrome on my PC. I have tried on Edge and it’s working…

I did try Chrome on my laptop and it’s working.

I have cleared all my browsing data from the Advanced tab and selected Time range (All Time), restarted my browser and it’s still not working on my PC.

Does anyone have a clue?

i have same problem but i was suspecting a network error , but now that you wrote it i tested Edge and it works to me too …
So is a Chrome bug or incompatibily …

Can you check Chrome version , mb your laptop was running a older version that works ( but is possible last time updated while you tested and now dont works too ) my version is 119.0.6045.160

Both my PC and laptop were on Chrome version 119.0.6045.160

I updated both to 119.0.6045.200 and still the same result. Tools not working on PC but working on the laptop… this one mesmerizes me…

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just because of the mesmerizes part , i give a little update.

What i learned is that chrome use “variations” in Stable Channel too !!

so that mean having same version don’t mean having same settings because of variations, so that’s why i suspect it works on one pc but not the other on same version …

chrome://version/ show variations on bottom as hash tags , but dont ask me what they mean.

So some low % of users like us got a variation that probabily is causing this problem , i don’t want to speculate because im not a real expert , but while searching i found other user having similar problems on other sites ( even on the routers admin pages ) and the key pattern was it was only chrome problem after a recent update.
Redirecting to this issues

but for now i didn’t and don’t want to test the “workarounds” to confirm it ( and suggest to don’t do it) … IF it is the problem is something that blizzard should fix on their side and now have hints where to look , if not the problems is somewhere else.

Basically from my readings ( but i can be totally wrong) is some sort of improved security that is still not enforced by all browsers , so they are enabling in little steps so errors will appear to users so they can tell site managers about the problems forcing them to resolve before it went out for everyone in future versions …