Card rarity protection for monthly rewards

I just opened my monthly rewards for July (having hit Diamond rank 5) and I opened six copies of Storm’s Wrath. Granted, I had zero copies before I opened them, but is there no such thing as rarity protection for our monthly rewards? I looked through my collection and found two rares that were missing one non-gold version of the card, but I didn’t get those. Instead I got SIX of a rare. Last month I remember getting at least three of another rare. Am I just super unlucky?

I took a screenshot on My phone of when I opened the second batch of rewards, and there were four copies of Storms Wrath in that bundle, after having opened two on the previous screen. I took a screenshot of my collection afterwards that showed my Storms Wrath’s were ‘new’ and now I have six of them.

The copy protection applies only to card packs as far as we know.

FYI, the game often does that when you open duplicate cards. I usually have cards highlighted as “new” after opening the Classic pack I get from weekly Brawls, even though they’re cards that I’ve had for a while.

if i am not wrong, it happened last month as well and they said it was a bug (or maybe I had a fever dream and that last part never happened. i can’t find the source where i read it)

You are correct, the individual cards from the Ranked reward should have triplicate protection too (Source). Weird.

I wonder if OP disenchanted a copy of Storm’s Wrath at some point?

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I hadn’t; I DE’d cards like Bad Luck Albatross back when it was needed, and I still have zero copies of that card (but I can understand why). But I started today with zero copies of Storms Wrath, and now I have six. I have one normal and one gold copy of the hunter beast that plays secrets when you hero power, but I would think that the duplicate protection algorithm would still think I need another copy of that card before giving me duplicates of others.

I’m not so sure. It’s not clear, but based on the description from the triplicate protection announcement, it seems to me that the protection doesn’t differentiate between golden and non-golden cards. If you have two golden, two non-golden, or one of each, it’s all the same to the game.

Specifically, the bit highlighted below:

Crafting a card counts towards acquiring it, and any cards you acquire and later disenchant (whether golden or non-golden) count as well.

Thanks for sharing that. In that case, I checked my collection and I do have doubles of all rares in standard (if you count one normal and one gold as being fully saturated), except for the ones I’ve DE’d. So maybe I’m just super unlucky to get six of the same one?

I’d like to share my screenshots; what service do people normally use for that?

Edit: from that quote about the golden copies, it mentions disenchanting - except I’ve not disenchanted any of my rares, aside from ones that were nerfed.

Pretty much. That being said, once you have all cards of a given rarity, any extras just end up being dust, so it’s not too bad.

I use Imgur, usually. Keep in mind that unless you are a Trust Level 3 user (and you probably won’t be if you’re new), you can’t post images directly to the forums. But you can get around this limitation by copying/pasting a link to the image using the Preformatted text tags (the </> button in your formatting bar).

Right, disenchanted cards are still considered as “owned” for the purposes of duplicate protection. My thinking is that if the game doesn’t differentiate between golden and non-golden cards when it comes to counting disenchanted cards as owned, it should also not differentiate between golden and non-golden cards when it come to counting cards you actually own. As I said, that’s my own extrapolation, and it’s not explicitly stated in the announcement, but I see no reason why it would work differently for disenchanted cards vs. kept cards.

Let me know if that worked.

Edit: I didn’t get a screenshot of the first two I opened, but I did of the next four, which seems conclusive enough.

Link works! I didn’t think you were misreporting the cards you got, but I do think that the system is working as intended (assuming you do in fact have at least two copies of all Standard cards, whether golden or not).