Card library missing cards

There are a lot of token cards missing from the Classic set in the card library. These are ones I couldn’t find:

Token summoned by Harvest Golem
Token summoned by Imp Master
Token summoned by Silver Hand Knight
Tokens summoned by Tinkmaster Overspark
Token summoned by The Beast
Token summoned by Spellbender
Tokens summoned by Feral Spirit
Lord Jaraxxus’ hero power

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These are on our radar and we’ll have them fixed asap. Thank you for your diligence!

I don’t mean to be persistent, but I can’t help but notice this hasn’t been fixed yet :slight_smile:

We had a patch go out 8/29 last week that contained those fixes, minus Spellbender.

Those examples look to be working for me:

Let me know if you see different?

Hmm that is weird. I still can’t see any of the tokens, not even the one you linked.

I also don’t see the Tokens as in like “Related Cards” fashion (e.g. wispering woods).

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