Card Backs - Launch and Feedback

Hi all,

We’ve gotten all Card Backs added to the site.

  • You can view all card back art in detail, flavor text, and how to get them.
  • We also added some categories to make browsing them a little easier.
  • You’ll be able to find any new card backs on the site as they are released.
  • Sorting added for Most Recent, Least Recent, A-Z, and Z-A.
  • Search will also allow a quick look up of a particular back.

Thank you reading and let us know your feedback!



General error.

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:roll_eyes: All “Cards” sections seems broken now…

When you hover over a card back or left-click copy link it gives:
When you click on a card back it takes you correctly to:

I want to make a suggestion for my favorite game. I hope you can adopt it. DIY function is added on the card back of the basic in hearthstone, which is limited to changing the color and material of a certain position. It can be designed to be similar to the functions of the world of Warcraft barber shop, such as changing the color of a border to 100 gold coins, adding 100 gold coins to the material and color of a stone logo, and adding 500 gold coins for each change. For example, I am a heavy-metal fan, so I will make an all black card back for myself! This is also to give players a better game experience. Thank you for your help

Fix the card catalogue please.

That is great, thank you. Now how about this:
Card backs availability Y’all have made at least one card back available after the fact. So if a certain card back/set comes out and I am broke. I end up missing the card back offering. Its bad enough I’m not good enough to win some of the other card backs that are available, but sometimes I can’t even afford to buy the pre-release sets to get the new card back… It is why I want to collect them, because they are awesome and I do enjoy casual play. Anyway, I wish someone in Dev would get this and think about a way to make them available.

Thank you for your time and answer. I look forward to being able to collect the card backs I have missed.

If you want more balanced cards and fair to play for this community. Then stop using the ideas of buffing, reducing mana,many summons by one card,cards with just zero mana and the ridiculous stats of the cards and its effects like what are thinking seriously?!!.

1-(buffing cards): the buff is okay idea and required for sure but not how it been made in this game the buff should be simple and not ridiculous. We already struggling to destroy the minions so don’t use special effects that buffs one cost mana minion that also have weird special effect to have a stupid stats like in second or third turn and all of a sudden I’m dealing now with 7 attack/7 health minion. How is this okay. There are cards that one cost mana for example that are 1 attack/1 health right!! Okay and when you designed the cards with these stats according to its mana cost to make it fair to play . Then how do you expect me to deal with one cost mana minion buff on the third turn with high ridiculous stats . The chance of him winning is increased highly just because the broken buff cards and you will understand what I’m talking about if you dealt with priest or Paladin. The buff should be simple like one attack or even two and the when we buff a card that card cannot gain any more buff.

2_(reduced mana cards): about this point i think the idea is okay but not acceptable for sure in this game like your opponents play so many cards in one turn with so many spells,so many summons and with so much damage . Because there are some cards that can work together insanely. It’s actually unfair especially the druid players when they have 20 fuing mana and also spell that can makes any card in his deck and hand costs one fuing mana. Yeah that’s totally fair guys.

3_(spells /minions cards summoning effects): again the idea is cool but if you want to have a summon you should have just one summon .JUST ONE.thats it because like i said there are cars that works together insanely. And we are sure that’s not how it supposed to be played when the designer and whoever made the idea didn’t really think how is this really goes. And yeah ofcourse the summons have special effects too.

4_(0 mana cards): okay honestly for my opinion that shouldn’t be a thing with the current ridiculous effects like seriously that’s really not acceptable at all how they can maintain overwhelming with these cards . It’s just you work so hard for so little and they work so little for very very big majority and ofcourse they can draw always by card effects.

There so many problems but these are the most of it so please consider. It’s not about how just a build that worked with someone after a long grief with so many tries then he accepts it but when he is logged in and dealing with what i was talking about he just hate every second of it . DON’T MAKE CARDS THAT ARE BROKEN SO MANY PEOPLE WILL WANTS IT.and don’t depend on microtransactions for making the game more fun so we will have to deal with another design of a cards that have high stats with ridiculous effects.

I completed the reward track in october. The daily quest bug gave no new quests then where you could sort out the good ones for next reward track and play to solve the bad daily quests.

This leaded to no incentive to play ranked in november for me and so I played other modes. Sadly I forgot about november card back, which I got always automaticly without paying attention.

I suggest to make it possible to buy missing monthly card backs in the shop which has been done before, so collectors like me who paid thousands of dollars to get everything in the game don’t stop buying everything because they can’t collect everything anymore due to a random event like a bug or maybe hospitalization.