Can't select a hero in Battlegrounds on android tablet

Hi, I have android tablet iGet. I have removed all data, restarted device… But when playing Battlegrounds I can’t pick a hero. The characters are highlighted, but don’t lock in.

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Same here, can’t select with mouse on laptop, however, I have a touchscreen laptop and I am able to select that way. Clicking with the mouse does as the OP says (not locking in).

Same for me when playing on my androide phone…

Same, Android phone, cant select hero, no conform button, just another bob floating down there, who can emote though :joy:

Same issue here on a samsung A32. It’s not systemtic, but it happens more and more. I can click on heroes, but they don’t stay focused. Sometimes, switching back & forth between apps, or changing the device’s orientation, will fix it, but not always. I just ended up with Rakanishu, come on.