Can't claim new free decks for returning players

Every time I log in the game asks me to chose a class for a free deck to claim. After choosing I have to confirm and after confirming I get de Free deck error which tells me: “We encountered an error attempting to redeem your free deck. Please log out and back in to try again”. Someone on this forum told me it was probably intended because of the new expansion. But after the new expansion released I keep getting the same error.

As a returning player I really want to pick up Heartstone again but without a viable deck I can’t compete.


I’ve been having this same problem since yesterday. I haven’t logged on in about a year, so i really can’t play the game at the moment in standard mode.

Thank you for this report. We’re investigating


Hello, any update on this? I’m having the same issue.

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Same issue here, hopefully this gets resolved asap.

Any news? I’ve been having this issue too :unamused:

Any update? I have the same issue