Can't Claim a Hero Skin

It Been Five Days Now and when I open the game it tells me to I have unclaimed rewards, then it gives me choose a hero skin, then when I pick a skin and no matter how many times I click to accept, I can’t get past that screen. This happened to me first on my PC so I switch to my phone and the same thing happen and I don’t know what to do.


I’m having the exact same issue here, it’s been almost a month since i can’t successfully claim the hero skin from reward track, both from PC and tablet platform.

Can some tech support help with this bug ASAP as the next expansion is up soon? Don’t want to lose the reward.


Same here. I’ve been at the end of the main reward track since the start of the Hallows End event, and have tried to claim the hero skin at the end daily. Still isn’t letting me.


guys, it is not skin from recent reward track, it is skin from old expansion (I haven’t played for 6 months). We just cant play because when entering the HS it demands to choose reward that is now impossible


Same problem. That’s dissappointng ,I don’t wanna lose the reward .

Same problem. Support can’t help with it :frowning:

Same thing here. Please fix up the rewards

I have the same issue, both on laptop or on phone. I’m lv104 and can’t get the hero skin.

I have the same problem. I jumped from 99 to 101 which might be the issue.

I have this issue as well for couple of days :confused:

any update on this issue? hello blizzard?

same issue and the season ends tomorrow… :’(

same problem here, dont know where to get support. Customer service leads me to forums

I’m having the same issue. Has anyone having this problem paid for the battle pass? I have not, maybe this is the issue?

Same problem here, just reached the end of the reward track and can not claim the basic hero skin choice. (Could claim the even specific ones). I do have season pass so that doesnt seem to matter. Any chance blizzard customer support reacts to these ?

Unable to get the hero skin 100th price from journey track :frowning:


Have the same problem, without battle pass. I also have jumped from 99 to 101.

Same problem here. No battle pass, can’t claim on Prize 100.

Same problem here. I am at 102 and cant claim the hero skin.

Same here. Ticket open for several days and not even a “yes, we are aware and working the issue”