Can't change the starting card/ hero power after in duels

change it so you can change/go back to the fist card/hero power you pick in duels in the deck builder. i always accidently select one when looking at them then i cant change it.

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Yeah, could we just get this changed? It’s annoying as f***.

I started a game with elise thinking I would have a nice run with seek guidance, when I find out that both that card AND Twig of the World Tree were BANNED, and I had to craft the WORST deck ever for the meta and ended up with 0 wins as a result …

Oh yeah, and while we’re on that page, how about instead of a pack and whatever else, you get a free TAVERN TICKET for 0 wins as a consolation prize if you lose 3 times without forefeiting or retiring?

It’s not too much to ask … It’s just so sad … lol