Can't buy the old adventures if first part already unlocked

You cannot buy the old solo adventures currently available in shop, if you already had the first part unlocked for free. So I would like to buy some of them, but I cant, i unlocked them and played the first part for free years ago. Now I would like to buy the whole thing for 2300 gold like it shows in the shop, but I cant. It even shows up as purchasable (in contrast to those I fully bought and completed) in the shop, yet when I click to buy it says i already own it.


I got same problem and it isnt fixed with last patch.

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I have been experiencing exactly the same issue and it was NOT fixed after the last patch for me too. Effing ridiculous.

I’m experiencing the same issue.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I had hoped that it would be fixed with the latest patch, but I see that it hasn’t been.

To be specific, the adventures I am having trouble with are Galakrond’s Awakening, Tombs of Terror, and The Dalaran Heist. The message that I receive when I try to purchase them is: “Purchase Failed You already own that item.” But I do not own the full adventures. I have the first part of each adventure unlocked, but not the rest.

I have the same bug.

Also the same problem here. Can only buy the chapters one and one and not the full adventure since I have the first chapter. Affecting both Dalaran Heist and Galakronds Awakening.

Same bug, a part of me thinks it’s intentional because they want us to buy runestones, but if someone buys the tavern pass to get gold faster to buy an adventure they are affecting their bottom line.

Can we get an answer here?

Also experiencing this issue.