Can't access Rastakhan Rumble Run after last patch


Hello to everybody.

As the title suggest, after the last patch I find impossible to access Rastakhan Rumble single player content on my Android device.

I’ve already sent an assistence ticket, and followed the advice I was given (reinstall application and everything), unfortunately to no avail. As of now I had no chance to try on another device, so I can’t be sure if the problem is related to my account or my device, though the latter seems more likely (Huawei P8 lite). The last suggestion I got, in case the problem persisted, was to post in this forum and wait for devs answer.

For the record, when I try to acces Rumble Run the game freeze on the loading screen without ever getting to shrine selection and the only way I have to get back to the main menu is double pressing the phone back button, because if I press it only once I find myself stuck in the single player content selection screen with visual bugs and can’t access any adventure without getting back to the main menu.

Last but not least, every other single player content seems to be working just fine.

Hope to hear an answer soon, thanks in advance.


I also still cant access this for the past 10 days on my android and macbook os


Please, any devs? Any answer would be really appreciated.


I am having the same problem on my account itachi#6835, but i can access rastakhan rumble on my wife account rororoo#1674, using the same android mate 20. So what’s happening devs?


So apparently is no only my problem and is not tied with the device. Is it possible to receive the attention of someone in charge of issues like this or shoud we continue arguing with ourselves about something we can’t do anything about?


I can also bring my testimony. Since yesterday, I can’t launch Rastakhan too. When I click on “Enter”, nothing happens. I can still hear the music, and click on the game menu and contact button, but appart for that, nothing works. I have to close the game old style (alt+F4, or the little cross up there).
No problems with the others adventures though.


The community feedback is much appreciated. I would also appreciate very much some feedback from the developers, even something like “we’ve become aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it, hang in there please” would be much better then being ignored.


Looks like Blizzard is not giving a s*** on this


they usually reply on first user valid report and not on all the clones.
This bug is know and is possible all adventures can become stuck.