Can you disable adventure role play dialog?

I like playing the solo mode games that have been coming out the past expansions however I find it frustrating to be locked in menu’s or card selection until character dialog ends. I would rather like to just play the game, so is there a way to disable the story role play elements?


I’m not aware of this being possible, but I would love it as well. Since I like to play these adventures a lot, the repeated dialogues can get rather tiring.

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You can click on the block that contains the spoken dialogue, it will go away and you get control back.

It’s super annoying that they still haven’t implemented a feature like that. It turns what are some snappy fun lines into some hugely irritating and annoying ones.
I can’t belive they actually went through with an adventure in which - every run - the final boss pops up and tells you the exact same thing. It’s beyond stupid - especially since you can’t interact with the board as long as they’re talking. Wtf were they thinking?!


I am here to necro this thread to say the exact same thing.

Give me the oiption to disable the NPC lore speech because it infinitely increases the time to play with dialog I dont care about whatsoever.

Its incredibly annoying that some of these scenarios take far less time to solve than it does to progress through the NPC dialogue to start up, die or win.

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Heh, and I would sometimes restart the game just to hear some dialogue again.

So why don’t you just turn off the sound in your settings?

I am impress by the necromancer who raise this topic from the grave. Well done.