Can We Please Get Rid of Non-Multiple-of-Ten Arena Gold Rewards?

This has never made any sense in the history of Hearthstone, since nothing requires a non-multiple of 10 sum of gold, and it’s incredibly annoying. I’ve spent the entire evening getting tossed around in Arena trying to get another non-multiple-of-ten gold reward so that I have a nice number, without any luck. There’s no purpose to this, and I would love to see it changed.


Instead of that can we get 5G per win instead of 10g per 3 wins?

Fixes both issues, especially with the nerf to daily quests heavily prioritising 50g quests.


I have an easy way to fix this but would require some cash.

Just make a run and retire it instantly.

You usually get between 0 to 10 gold. If you get the 5g, you win.

It’s been talked about for years and nothing has been done so tough luck.