Can only play first hero power in duels

When playing duels heroic mode I tried selecting the second hero power but when I started playing I still had the first/default one instead. This is after the latest patch, 19.2, before that I hadn’t collected enough cards to unlock the 2nd hero powers. At first I thought in my excitement to try them out I just hovered and read over the power without clicking it but it happened again in my next run.

Tested it in casual mode and got the same thing. The classes I used were hunter, mage (heroic) and warlock (casual) although I assume the same would have happened with any class


I tried Paladin, Priest and Warlock and experienced the same bug.


I have also just experienced the same bug! And I prepared the whole deck around the particular hero power. I was wondering whether I picked the wrong HP. Played another game, and still the same bug. I have it recorded also. Both times I tried Shaman. I was waiting for a lot of time to meet the requirements needed to try it, and now I wasted all the gold I had :frowning: Maybe that is the reason! I am below the 10 epics that were required pre-patch. Is it the same with you guys too?

I was also irritated by crafting a deck that was meant for the specific hero power just to find the other hero power is active. I’m also still under the old 10 card requirement, but saw in another post that people who are over the 10 epics requirement are also experiencing the bug. I’ve so been looking forward to this update but between this bug and the intense battlegrounds lag it’s been quite disappointing so far

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I played against an opponent that had the second hero power, so the bug is not for all though. Sadly it is disappointing…

Same here… I’ve tried it with multiple players in casual mode and while in the deck selection mode, the 2nd tier hero power is showing… But once the battle actually starts, it reverts back to the default…

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Same here. I was so excited I was finally able to try other powers, then so disappointend when I found out I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I experienced the same problem. Tried several time and lost quickly because my deck matched the power. Lost 450 coins.

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Same problem, it is sad to colect epic cards so i can use another feature of the game just to lose gold in duels becouse of bug like that, i already lost 300 gold.

A similar problem, collecting cards to get this outrageous!
Blizzard please fix this problem!

Hi all,

This has been acknowledged already: