Call the Police for threatening!


Should I call the Police, if my opponent is threatening to cause me bodily harm.:cry:


I don’t think “Greetings” is all that threatening


You threaten them right back so that they know your internet power level is greater.


Someone answered the friend request. :slight_smile:



Wait. Wait 2 - 4 hours. The next day is even better. They aren’t there. Friend them then - leave the smack talk and then block.

If you answer right away they smack talk and threaten then block before you can respond.

Be smarter than a B Zard.


Coin -> Ping Face?
Establish your dominance by always going face, and not a single person will ever threaten you again.


Yes, call the police, it’s illegal to harbor a criminal if you don’t


What if you are the criminal?

Asking for a friend.


Yes, I play Mechun warrior, I have so much war crime under my belt. If you don’t call the cops on me I will call the cops on you for not calling the cops on me.

Edit: wait, if you are the criminal I have to call the cops on you before you call the cops on me for not calling the cops on you

Give me a minute, I am ordering pizza


Well. Damn.
Then I will call the cops on myself, so you cannot call the cops on me for not calling the cops on you for not calling the cops on me.
Also: That pizza’s mine.
If I go to prison anyway, there should at least be a bad reason for it. If that makes sense.


Normally people build dams on rivers or lake, but I have never seen a dam in a water well before. Might slove the electrical problem for areas without water, good thinking!

I ordered pineapple

You play druid, Blizzard’s favorite class, you have war crimes under your belt too.


Well. Or no well. I forgot the question.
But I do have a retort!


You can have it.

But you just activated my tariffs card!

I am no Druid Player!

I only play Big Priest. As a protest against the increasing amount of Big Priest players.
Checks out. Right?

The only true crime I have commited, is not going face enough.
Khadgar looks creepy.


But “Well Played” is.


Druids Hearthstone history shares many similarities to WW2 Germany. Even though you know they’re harmless now, you can’t help but still despise them for the past.


And what is Priest then?
Or Rogue?
Both had, and the former still has in Wild, a terrible influence, either due to limiting design space, or being meta-destroyers/polarizers themselves.

Funnily enough, a few countries have learned from their past.
Others… did not.
Don’t bring politics into 5h1tposting.
It ruins the fun.
Just like Big Priest…

You are responsible for Big Priest!
I knew it!!!
Finally, I shall avenge the Wild format!


Actual good advice from the troll? I am seriously surprised.


I find Valeera the Rogue threaten, the most offensive she says “I will be your death!”


I usually ignore the friend request. One time it was my meme deck against another meme deck as we both knew the game was going to be a clown fiesta from the start or so I thought. Big mistake accepting there.


This is exactly why this game and community are beautiful. Trash tier.

Game should allow immediate resolutions to harassment messages from players. Players should be targeted and reviews should be given.

Not even allowed to mention player names on a discussion board. Basically one giant joke.

Can you post pictures?


Anonymous cut and paste death threats are one of the greatest gifts of the Internet Age.

Before that they had to do low volume, know their victim’s address, spend all that time cutting and gluing the words out of the newspaper and be very careful not to leave any DNA evidence on the letter OR make sure that the typewriter was well hidden so the key imprints couldn’t be matched.

Just watch some 70s cop TV, it is all explained there. And don’t think about biting a piece of cheese at the scene of a crime and leaving it, there is a thing called forensic dentistry that can match your teeth imprint. Damn you Colombo!!!

Now they can do millions a day at the touch of a button and scrape email addresses off the Internet in their billions.

I am sure that celebrities, politicians, etc. employ special staff just to deal with their daily quota.

So ask yourself this:

  1. Do they know where you live and other personal information, either a) because they are a real life acquaintance, 2) you told them - not very smart was it?

  2. Do you think they are a 1337 The Matrix Neo H4x0r who will be able to erase your online identity with their superhuman coding skills, leaving you in a twilight world of non-identity where you cannot prove you exist, lose everything and become no better than a wild dog, surviving on what you can scavenge from roadkill and rifling bins in the middle of the night, barely human any more, before they hunt you down and kill you, leaving the police with just another John Doe case and your puzzled family who know someone is missing but they can’t quite put their finger on who?

If the answer to either or both is yes - report it, I am sure Skulder and Mully would be interested in their psychological profile.

If no then just take it that you upset some ECCG card game nerd who probably has a macro/script running their email death threats to lighten the burden and you didn’t give them a chance to draw Zilliax, or Magic Carpet or any of the other myriad Hearthstone game winning cards, block them and move on to the next one.

Cuckoo, cuckoo!!!