Bugged Hero Power Vs Onyxia In The Last Book Of Merc Solo

I’m trying to play the final solo adventure in book of mercenaries and im up against Onyxia, Broodmother. Whenever i use my hero power “deal x damage, Honorable kill: Gain +2 damage” the game lags right out takes like 30 seconds to a minute for things to start happening. If i use my hero power and end my turn it disconnects me until the enemy ai has finished their turn. I have no idea what happened during that turn since the battle log also gets wiped on disconnect.
Update: I used my hero power to finish off onyxia and the games been idle for 5 minutes now. I just reloaded the game and thankfully i won the battle. Hoping I dont run into anymore bugs during this adventure.
Update 2: Same thing happened in the next fight, Onyxia of the Void, on the last puzzle you have to finish off onyxia with your hero power so theres nothing i could do to even avoid this one.


Same. Very frustrating----please fix, engineers.

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Same issue! Totally wrecks the expansion right as you get to the climax on that puzzle.

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same problem, animation idles and freezes the game

update: before i could quit the game and restart to get the hero power to work but just now it restarted the whole stage making it unplayable pls fix!

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Same thing for me !! Impossible to finish Onyxia 6/8

Same issue… pleaseee fix it!

Any updates on this? Had to go through this the hard way.

Same here. Completely miserable playing experience. Playing on iPad and I wind up force-quitting and restarting every time.

Same issue to report here.

Having the same issue. Hard to believe this still hasn’t been fixed. Wait. What am I saying? No it’s not.

Same for me nothing I did worked. Reloading, waiting trying other stuff nothing… Needs to be fixed ASAP

Same for me, pls fix

same here as at 4th of dec 23

Checking back in here.

It seems like the hero power animation (or lack thereof) freezes the game. After that happens, the game will lag out and reconnect you after about 45 seconds, where it allows you to pick back up…

Eventually as you get towards the last move of the fight and use your hero power, the game locks up… then goes through a process of booting you and restarting, and eventually kills all your progress and then starts you over at the beginning.