Bug Fixes for 14.6

Well Met Friends,

With the recent 14.6 update, we identified some pesky bugs that needed squashing. We are currently rolling out a fix that will resolve the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where hitting the home button while in a match on a mobile device would not bring you back to your match.
  • Fixed the “Global Asset Cellular Download” pop-up from showing.

As for the login issues on Mobile, we are still investigating this. There is a workaround that should work for you in the meantime: uninstall and re-install the app. This should let you patch up properly and not get stuck at the Tavern doors. Sincere apologies for the miscommunication on my previous post!

It’s now live on Google Play and should be rolling out on iOS soon.

Please let us know how the experience is on this new patch! We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any other issues that could crop up.

Have a great week!


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Any compensation for players who suffered because of the bug?
For me, I lost my ranked match and my streak when this first happened to me (you can check my records).

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Hey Chris,

There is a bug that appeared before a month after a patch and it is the following:

  • When you set game in windowed screen and use maximize of the window it behaves strangely moving the window to one side. Before it behaved normally and as expected.

Multitasking bug on Android seems to be gone. Thanks!

I’m struck in a infinite download loop. Reinstalled 4 times… after each complete download process of 1.2 GB the app Just restart from 0. Android 6.0.1

I can’t get into the game,I’m stuck on the tavern’s doors. I have a LG K3 with android 6.0.1, I have already disinstalled end re-installed the game,but the problem is not solved yet. Please,please,help me,because I already miss the game​:sob::sob::sob::weary::tired_face:

Do you have any estimation for the iPad Pro screen resolution fix?

Academic Espionage seems to have an error on the 14.6.32097 build on Android. I played it during the current Tavern Brawl, and while it added 10 cards each time, they were not reduced in cost to 1. They retained their original costs.

I cannot enter the game. I get stuck on the final 1.2 mb of the download and the app freezes

The experience sucks as the iPad Pro 11 resolution isn’t supported yet. It’s only been 9 months.

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The core mechanic of this Brawl is that cards are shuffled into your deck every turn. I imagine this causes them to lose buffs (such as reduced mana cost).

I have the same problem. When I log into the game it freezes at the tavern doors without showing the hearthstone word and without the luminous hearthstone logo. I have this problem since july 1th, I miss the game so much and hope that it can be fixed quickly. Is it a serious problem? How much time will it cost to fix it?

I wrote the same things in an italian forum and a lot of people are having this problem, a lot of them hope that there will be something like a lot of gold to giustify this problem and the time it needs to be fixed

How much free space is on your device?

Today I lost my ninth mission, counting the three I already had, I lost 600 gold for this problem’s fault. Is this problem so difficult to fix?

Ok now the loop cycle has ended, but still the game freeze at the tavern doors. After the installation remains about 1.5gb of free space in my device.