Bug: corrupted card can not be cleared on board

I played Tickatus Warlock some games today and saw that all the Corrupted cards such as Cascading Disaster, Strong man, Tickatus after playing on the ground and was killed by your opponent was reborn right after but can not be used every next turn. They make me confuse and miscalculate the lethal.

Even, when Rogue card “Blackjack Stunner” returned Corrupted card to the hand, it didn’t return to my hand and still in the board and didn’t do anything, can not target or attack

Please check and fixed this. Thanks


Known and acknowledged:


Yep and it blocks you from playing minions in that spot. Just ran into this as a Druid when I had a polymorphed minion remain on the board. Pretty good QA process we have for this game.

I wish it was only a visual bug. But the corrupted minions return and take up board space

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it isn’t visual, they take up space and are inconsistent, “all” corrupt are not reborn as boardspace taking no interaction minions. the fist killed is always reborn, after that it becomes random on who and what is reborn and when is random. This is a pretty big deal for you to be missing during testing, and then not having a hot fix out within hours is hard to understand. Are you really not making any money off this game?

just had the same problem. Although, i hear people saying its not only visual, but i can get 8 minions on board using cat trap, or gift of luminace (dont know if i can play a minion tho). the corrupted card that is stuck seems not to be counted towards anything and cant be used so i still have 7 real minions total

I have consistently had killed corrupted minions reappear on the board, however they have not ‘clogged’ the board so to speak. I have a screenshot of 8 minions overcrowding my side of the board with the corrupt ghost. So far the bug is only confusing, but functionally irrelevant.

I thought that I was just imagining things so I am glad that I came across this thread. I have now lost 2 games due to this issue. I recorded it but have no place to show it.

Most frustrating as have just lost a game because I thought I had a taunt minion…

Same problem . Carson don t disappear on board. They block other card and re pop

Same here. Unplayable that way. Still not fixed !

It is partially fixed, more upcoming: