Buff up Mossy Horror card

from 6 mana down to 3…stats wise from 2/7 down to 2/3

outside aggro decks its about impossible to answer triple totem with 0/5 2/5 and 0/4 on turn 2…gets nasty real quick if not answered right away…starfish is nice but a dead card vs aggro rogue//priest…mossy horror would be more versatile

technicly only a coined crab rider on 1 can kill a 0/2 totem b4 it get drasticly buff on turn 2…others 2 mana card aren’t versatile enough to deal vs others aggro deck even if they could answer a turn 1 totem

also i’d like to see Renathal adjusted back to 40 health…if anything make it so for wild…its certainly possible to make him grant different effects in different mod