Bring back 10 gold per 3 wins, revert this exp system

Blizz devs should be imprisoned for 10 THOUSAND YEARS!
Changes are horrible!

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The changes aren’t horrible though. The numbers are off and need to be boosted (more rewards, less XP required, or both), but the system itself is better because now you can still earn gold even if you’re on a losing streak.


This. I really like the idea of the new system, but if it was actually achievable. I bought the battle pass, played a lot more this weekend than I normally would and I’m still only level 17… I don’t think I’ll even reach level 50 by the end of it if things don’t change

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You do know that the pass resets only next season? XD If you do need to worry about something, I would be more worried that you’ll reach lvl50 too soon and that after-50 150 gold will require too much xp per level.

P.S. I got lvl21 in just the weekend. That’s 3 days out of 120 for the season. The xp rewards from the 12 win duels is a one time deal I guess, so no more extra xp later on, but still, lvl50 seems a guaranteed deal.

Days played isnt a good metric.

How many hours did you play to achieve lvl 21 on the weekend?

My guess is 5+ hours per day.

More, definitely more XD. It will probably take me a month to play this much towards the end of the season. But that’s normal, I like new stuff, I don’t like stale stuff.
But 3 days is only 2.5% of the season. If I played at this rate, I would probably be done within 2 weeks, then cap out the lvl150 within another month and then get nothing at all for over a month after. Realistically though, I don’t think many will reach the lvl150 cap, which is good, I guess, although I don’t see why they had to cap it at all (as I understand, after lvl150, you’d be getting absolutely no gold at all from anywhere).

I knew it.

And level 21 is only like 10% of the grind to 50 (just under), and you wont maintain that ratio.

lvl 20-21 requires 3K exp
lvl 49-50 requires 9.3K exp


Well it’s fine to not reach it too. The rewards are generally gold or packs, so you get as much as you play. Unless you want that meh lvl50 portrait.

The paid track looks really bad though. I don’t see why anyone would pay for that apart from getting it for free in the bundle. It’s basically just pay for the coin card. And in that case, it would REALLY be annoying not to reach lvl50 and not get it. Gold silas and a bunch of repetitive meh portraits really doesn’t seem like a good consolation prise.
The 35% extra xp is really not something to change much.

No, its not fine.

We were told our gold rewards would not change for the time commitment.
Thats a blatant lie with the new model.
More time is required to earn LESS gold.


You can hit level 50 within an expansion just by doing your quests. Getting to 50 isn’t the problem, it’s the lackluster reward you get from it that’s the issue.


Doesn’t really look like much less though. Assuming, that lvl50 does need 9k xp, it gives 300 gold. You get ~11k xp from weeklies+dailies, so that’s ~360 gold. 7 60 gold dailies would be 420 gold, so that’s comparable.
Not really sure how much xp you get from just playing the game, but I would guess it’s comparable to 10 gold/3wins.

P.S. I would guess that lvl51+ will pay A LOT less which will probably will be a big gold loss for ppl who play more. Unless lvl51+ needs only 4-5k xp/lvl, but then lvl150 cap seems very reachable (well at least for ppl who habitually used to cap the 100 gold for 30 wins daily grind). But as I don’t play that much, I don’t really care.

Well it’s just gold and packs - same as it was before, just some gold is pre-convered to packs I don’t want (most of my pack opening are stopped on legendary drop, so getting 5-10 more is really bad value), but meh that’s fine.
And as I said, I think the paid track is really bad. They really need to work on that next season. I didn’t buy it and most definitely won’t (there’s really nothing to buy there - I have portraits for all heroes, I don’t need 5 more jaina portraits to never be used). On the other hand, I guess if you do want the portraits, the normal rate for them is 10 eur, so 20 eur is the price of 2 portraits. The track gives portraits for 3 heroes, a gold silas and the coin. So I guess it’s the matter of if you want the portraits or not. If you do - then it’s good value.

Nope. Its capped at 400 exp per hour, which is abysmal.
Its <10% of a level per hour played above lvl 50
that same hour, under the old system, could award 10+ gold easily
Now, in that same hour, you get like 4-5 gold, static

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that would make it 13 gold/h based on the 9k for 300 gold rate.
Typical game takes ~10 min on non-slow decks (I recently had a 40 min game on my control priest…), so you play 6 games/hour. At 50% winrate, that’s 3 wins = 10 gold. So again, it’s comparable, if not better.

What kind of math is that?
400/9000*300 = 13.(3)
Lvl22 for me is 3k xp for 100 gold = exactly the same.


where are you getting 300g from?
150g per level above 50.

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Under lvl50 is 300 gold. After lvl50, who said it’s 9k/lvl?
And considering this thread was more about not even reaching lvl50, the lvl51+ sounds quite irrelevant in this context anyway.

No, its not. only 45, 47 and 49 are 300 gold.

Do some research:

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I would guess that lvl44 which gives 200 gold does not need 9k xp.

No, level 50 also only has a total gold reward of 4200 gold, despite the 3 levels with 300g rewards.

Try again.

And the 16 packs, 2 tavern tickets and legendary card? That’s 2k gold.