Book of Mercenaries?

New player.

I played the Demon Hunter chapters and I enjoyed those.

I moved onto the Book of Mercenaries and used Mage. After a few failed attempts, and realizing I have 800 to go, (8 matches in each book), and since I can’t bring my own deck or alter the deck to suit my needs,

I was wondering if this is just scripted matches.

A.I. plays X card.
You play X cards or lose.

If this is the case, would I be better off using Youtube?

Because I do not understand what I’m supposed to be doing when my overly expensive and under statted minions are immediately cleared and their full board is going to my face?

Plus, I was on 2/8 so does this mean the next time I log in, I’m starting over at the beginning?

No, you will still be at 2/8.


Thank you for responding!

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hmm, mine went back to 1/8.