Book of mercenaries still says I have 8 missions left

I have a crown over each mercenary, but Hearthstone still says I have 8 adventures I haven’t done yet. This has persisted since the beginning of the book of mercenaries. Is this a known bug?

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Have you completed the latest book, which came out 2-3 days ago? If so, then one of your earlier books did not register as complete, so you have to redo it.

I had to redo the first one for some reason. It bugged when they added more.

You may be able to figure out what is missing from your achievements, but I think it showed it as done there, too.

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It’s Rokara. If you have beaten that before a certain time, it didn’t count for the achievement, a problem they still haven’t fixed.

Sadly, despite the achievement saying there’s a Warrior pack attached to it, you won’t get another one for completing the achievement (the pack’s not actually part of the achievement).


Yep, that’s it, thanks.

I’ve had this issue before, and I’m having it again now. It keeps popping up with new heroes every time. How many times are we going to have to redo these? It’s super annoying. Obviously they’ve tracked the completion on it somehow because the hero portrait has the crown indicating completion. How hard is it for them to write a database script to reconcile the achievement with the crown indicator? There’s really no excuse for this. The issue’s definitely fixable.

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You are correct. This is inexcusable.