Blue Screen on Startup

When I start Hearthstone from the app on my Mac, the game loads to the tavern doors, then the screen turns blue. You can still hear the audio and even blindly select things. I’ve tried uninstalling the game and, but nothing has worked.

Please help!


Hey there,

For something like this you may need to submit a support ticket (Use the support button at the top of this page) with a system report attached to allow a support agent to look into this for you.

Without any other details about the system, its hardware, os version and such it can be hard for the community here to help diagnose and address the issue with you.

My recommendations would be to first make sure you have all OS and system updates, Disable any other software you do not need to run the system or game and retest.

If you are using filevault, that can interfere as well so we would recommend disabling that and allowing the drive to decrypt. (We do not support our games run on an encrypted or case sensitive formatted drive.)

Beyond that, submitting the ticket with a full system report would be your best bet.

Same thing has happened to me, except I can’t hear the audio or select things. I play on an iMac 2011 with macOS High Sierra (10.13.6). I can no longer update the OS due to the age of the desktop: perhaps this is a reason why the blue screen is appearing?

Update: launching Hearthstone now works for me. There was an update in then everything was back to normal.