BG: Make Poison and Divine Shield Mutually Exclusive

Title. If you have Divine Shield, you can’t have poison. Divine Shield should cleanse the poison off the minion. It’s a reeeaaally strong combination of mechanics.

I’ve also heard the suggestion of changing “poison” to “venom” and making it so that your minion can only poison something once per combat.

Either way, please, just do something about this combo. I know people are going to say “but it’s necessary to counter high stat minions”. Sure, but when the poison minions are themselves high stats, the problem compounds.

Leroy is a better example of how to deal with this issue. Sure, it can kill any minion, but it has to die to do it. It can only do that once. (Unless it’s with Arthas who can rebirth it.)

It’s extremely anti-fun. And before you go “oh but you can do mechs/beasts”, I know. But you have to high roll either of those to go against the easy to get murloc poison board.

I also know it takes a specific combination in the lobby to make DS/Poison happen. The 6 star with poison that can also get DS in combat, the Divine Shield hero power, and amalgamation annoyatron/toxifin. There’s also Al’akir hero power and the 2/1 Deathrattle Divine Shield minion that can put up two Divine Shields while golden or with Baron. If you have golden and Baron, that’s 4 divine shields.

There are a lot of ways to make the combination happen and it’s irritating and exhausting every single time it does. Please, just break this combo.


Would solve almost no problems in BGs.

Actual issue is Bob can screw you while giving others cornucopia of “win the game” choices. Or letting opponent attack first a few rounds in a row.

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I’ve already come to the conclusion that the BG design team is just a bunch of complete idiots. The whole reason Leeroy and poison is in the game is because they are too stupid to remove the broken mechanics that required them.


Or you could get gud and none of it would matter…

Endgame in BG is about counter play, not about tunnel vision on big minions.

DS only works on poison if you don’t use a tunnel blaster to counter it and activate your own selfless, which are units you should be picking up in anticipation of endgame in any lobby where you think you will find DS poison.

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That may be the most clueless remark a person could make about BG… Get good? Lol. It’s the most luck dictated format ever. Good has very little to do with whether you will win. Luck dictates the winner to the 95% of players that know how to play.

THat’s what all the people who lose say… it’s all luck.

Totally false.

You have no idea.

I bet you’re like 6k elo and think murlocs are op.

Im just under 6k, and even I know how to beat murlocs

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There was a confirmed top 25 player who made a post on reddit about murlocs the other day listing out how to beat them and why they aren’t op.

It’s honestly only people who are doing it wrong who get bothered by murlocs. I don’t see them win my lobbies much at all.

If you low roll (which happens often) or you get bad quests (which also happens often) your odds of losing skyrocket. This game really is 95% luck. The true strategy and skill don’t factor in until after all the low roll people have already been blasted out of existence for having the audacity to not be lucky.

You don’t choose which player attacks first, you can’t influence which players you go against, and (with very few exceptions) you can’t influence which of the enemy minions your minions attack or which one of your minions the enemy minions attack (besides taunt). It’s luck on luck on luck.

I have suggested this change to Toxfin.

Old: “Battlecry: Give a friendly Murloc poison“

New: “At the end of your turn, give a random Murloc poison this turn only” (same for both normal and golden)

Why? Poison is broken. Anyone who gets poison will get top position. It’s too easy to get. Everyone rushes poison Murloc when it’s in the lobby.
With this new effect you cannot your whole board posion with Young Murk-Eye + Toxfin, instead if you get the quest reward that doubles your end of turn effect you can be lucky enough to get at least two Murlocs with poison. But then you have to be lucky enough to get Murlocs in the lobby.

Right now there are one step for poison Murloc build.

  1. Get Murloc in lobby

With the new it would be:

  1. Get Murloc lobby
  2. Get quest

When and how to build a board is not luck.

There are very few true low rolls, though. I can always look at a game and say, “that was the wrong choice by me, for sure” when I lose. Always.

If you can’t do this then you should learn more.

None of this matters. None of it.

If your board is built right, going first doesn’t matter. You have to beat the whole lobby to win, so why does order matter?

Oh, but you can help influence the order of attacks… there are several minions specifically for this purpose.

Not even close to true. They are easy to beat because they don’t scale fast enough most times.

See, you’re obviously the clueless person. I run up around 8k rating without the battle pass only choosing from 2 heroes.

When the game decides whether you get crp minions or good ones…
Decides if your triples give you a god card for your lineup or is just trash…
Decides whether your minions attack stupidly or smartly…
Decides if you get a good hero or a crap one…
Decides whether you go first of you opponent…
Decides if you get a good quest or a crap one…
Decides which opponent to pair you up with…

The game is almost all dictated by luck. Even the BEST players sometimes get last place because… wait for it… the game is dictated by luck. I can get 1st place 5 times in a row, then get last place 5 times in a row. I’ll bet you’re the best at the card game “war”, lol.

And to the guy that says going first doesn’t matter… what world do you live in. Going first can sometimes make all the difference of winning and losing. Ever heard of super windfury or double striking cleave

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You do know we can verify this now?

There are no players with the name Kage above 8k.

This is why the same player was #1 on both EU and US servers at the same time… luck.

If your board sucks, yes.

Ever heard of expecting these things and counter playing them?

If these things going first wrecks your board, was you board going to win at all?

I mean, you’re really reaching deep to sound like you know what you’re doing, but you started with a lie… so…

Poison is the most toxic part of BGs, there is literally no point to having it in anything except the turn 6 minion at best. If Team 5 wants to keep it they need to come up with some counter play outside of divine shield.

Lol, you’re ridiculous. I’d love to know what BG you are playing where you always have a perfect board… everytime… accounting for double cleave and super windfury. You are full of it, buddy. I’m not 8k at the moment because like this whole post is about, luck makes a person go up and down. I took a screenshot of recently if wanna see. So, this guy that is the best… what does he have like 50k rating? I mean, if you’re the best and luck doesn’t dictate, he should always go up.

You lied about your ranking, but I am ridiculous… got it.

It isn’t always perfect, but I don’t blame luck.

Why would I believe you? You already lied to us about your ranking, so you pretty much made it so no one believes anything you say.

Sure, mate, sure.

JeefHS on Twitter: “:white_check_mark:#1 NA :white_check_mark:#1 EU What’s next?” / Twitter

You can figure out what he did yourself.

But the short answer is that the skill in the mode is how you deal with the times you don’t high roll.

Anyway, I don’t need to respond to you anymore as you clearly just make stuff up for clicks.

I didn’t lie. I said I have a screenshot to prove. What’s your rating? For someone that presumes to judge other’s ability so much you must be 9k+. He only has 16k? Why not 50k? So, wait a minute… are you telling me he actually loses at times? How?! Some people quit when they get crap start, while others try to salvage to preserve ratings. Being a ratings junkie on a luck dictated game isn’t that impressive. Now, let’s talk your ratings, lol.

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