Battlegrounds Skipping turns

This was on the windows version of Hearthstone.
I was playing a game of battlegrounds against a beast build, we were top 2 and fairly even in power. They had several reborn jeweled macaws, several leapfroggers, a ratpack and a golden baron rivindere. One of these fights ended up taking a very long time due to good Rng on the side of the beast build player, combined with my murlocs being able to kill his 1000/1000 rats due to poison, elongating the fight time further. it was enough that as soon as the combat ended my turn was skipped and i could not play anything to counteract his build or get stronger myself. the turn after was similar but i had a bit more time left after combat, about 20 seconds, the game proved unresponsive during this time period though and i could not take any actions resulting in a similar scenario to the previous turn. The turn afterwards this issue corrected itself but too late to allow me to adjust my build enough to win. I suspect any fight that takes long enough has this issue as there is one similar thread about a pirate build that caused a similar issue.

Same issue was happening to me last night, also with the frog build. To go one step further, when the opponent conceded mid way through combat, there was a still another combat afterward.