Battlegrounds skill floors are awful

I’m a new player to both hearthstone and battlegrounds so I’m not that good at the game really. I understand basic synergies and such but now I’ve seen combos that are just absolutely mind boggling. It’s really unfair. But through some lucky builds and people leaving games I’ve made my way up to 5000 mmr. Now that I’ve hit 5000 I cannot win a game or even top. I’m eliminated very early on to people that are either somehow extremely lucky or have a much greater understanding of the game. I had to try extraordinarily hard to get to 5000. The grind was daunting towards the end. I struggled immensely to get 4th place in most matches but it slowly crept my mmr up.

Now I’m stuck cannot progress on my battle pass at all. It’s just there, I feel as though it’s money wasted. Furthermore it’s ruining my enjoyment of the game. I was loving this game, but now my interesting is drastically. I really want to continue playing, I love this game. I’m just stuck in a massive loop of getting annihilated and it’s really killing everything I enjoyed about this game.

Get used to it Blizzard HATES new players.

You can learn BG’s within an hour … there is nothing complicated about it, you cant do anything when RNG doesnt favour you… simple as that

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Luck happens in some games, but not in all. Just as sometimes you get a streak of rolling 6 when playing with dies, and other times all you get is 1’s. In Battlegrounds (as well as in other Hearthstone game modes), luck is part of the game - it is a card game after all, and one with lots of additional random elements.

But if you consistently lose, then as you mentioned you have hit your skill cap. That does not mean you won’t ever grow. You can always learn, and get better. But that takes time.

Imagine picking up weightlifting. At first you don’t lift much. But the development of your muscles has some quick wins, so you’ll quickly see the weight you can lift increase. Until the quick wins are gone. And now you feel you’re at a standstill.
You are not. If you keep training, you’ll keep building stronger muscles. But the progress is slow.

If you keep playing Battlegrounds, you will eventually get better. But that takes time. Learning a skill takes time. And effort. So it’s also important to analyse your games. Even if it feels like you got rolled over by RNG, you should still check to see if there were turns where you could have made better choices.

You say that you are new at Battlegrounds. And yet you already have 5000 MMR. That is absolutely not bad at all.
But if you expect that you’ll keep winning more than losing, and keep gaining MMR, then your expectation is wrong. When you are playing in the leagues below your skill level, you will climb. Once you are AT your skill level, it will stabilize. And should you have a lucky streak and climb to above your skill level, then you can expect to lose more than you win until you’re back at your skill level.

Climbing from zero to your skill level is relatively fast. Increasing your skill cap is very very slow. Which makes this game an excellent and rewarding game for those who have the patience and the perseverance … and incredibly frustrating for those who are looking for quick wins.


In the past I sat around 6500. Since this new patch, I can barely break 5200. I feel like at that level, quests are EVERYTHING. If you get one of the lousy ones, or a good one that has a significant requirement for completion, you may as well just concede right then.

I have always had bad RNG luck, no matter the game, but now it’s worse LOL