Battlegrounds should add quest back or another mechanic

Quest are fundamentally good (same as Darkmoon) because they increase the skill gap and add more variety. battlegrounds is a game about chance and choices, its about analyzing the situation and making the best possible choice. The more choices a players makes within the game raises the skill gap because it necessitates a good choice. So adding in manics that require quality decisions(like quest) reduces the luck factor and supports skill. The community should stop focusing on balancing heroes because it’s a ridiculous idea. I agree with some tweaks here and there, but at a certain level, heroes aren’t going to be balanced. Instead, they should be focused on adding new mechanics that emphasize choice because it lowers the importance of Hero powers. Hero’s don’t need to be balanced if their other deciding mechanics in the game such as quest.

As someone who has played Battlegrounds from the day it dropped to the public, there is less and less skill involved, because players like me who have played thousands plus games always know what I’m doing. I know every single build possible. I know the meta for every tribe and the best possible use for each hero. At this point there’s no thinking involved in my decisions, I just play the game on instinct, because I have seen and played everything there is to play. What determines whether or not I’m going win is based on the quality of the Hero and my golded drops, same with every game.

The base game right now is to generic. Thier only probably 20 real builds among all 8 tribes. Quest allowed for unique games with cool builds. Making creative builds with quests actually raised the skill bar. The more decision and the more factor that the players has a deal with makes every game more fun.