BattleGrounds Recruit Spoiler bug

Whenever your in the battle phase with an opponent, you know when you are going to lose if the Recruit button is showing on the right. Lets say you are against a guy who has 30hp and you have 10. If you see the recruit button on the right show up you might as well just concede because you are guaranteed a loss because the recruit button only shows up if this scenario happens otherwise it says combat if no one dies. Not a gamebreaking bug but def ruins the fun of it knowing the conclusion ahead of time instead of watching it play out.

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Just had 3 games in a row where I died while it said combat. Either fixed or happening a lot less.

Happens mostly when theres more than 4 players left. while in top 4 it mostly says combat but it still happens

I do get the spoiler issue people have however If they do fix this I hope they change it to be an option. I like being able to skip to the next game quicker not having to bother to wait through the animations.

It’s a pretty annoying spoiler issue, makes the last fight less tense.

Most streamers are putting a custom image overlay to cover up that button now, but that makes for a pretty bad streaming experience (except the last fight) since you don’t get to see the shop timer.

Please fix this.