Battlegrounds Forum

There really needs to be a forum specifically for Battlegrounds, we shouldn’t have to search for “battlegrounds” or use a 3rd party site like Reddit to get information on Battlegrounds.


Yep, noticing a few posts appearing about this.

Would be nice to hear an official answer! :slight_smile:

I also keep checking back for a battlegrounds forum, it’s all I play now and I’d like to read fellow gamer’s posts.

It would be really neat if battlegrounds had an “observer” option that becomes available after we have lost the match. Sometimes, players have unique and interesting strategies that would be super fun to see play out after we are out… or just see who ends up winning from two really good builds. You already can watch your friends, so I would not think that it would be terribly hard to add a feature to watch the remainder of the match. Just an idea… putting it out there.