Battleground Zero damage bug

I just played Battlegrounds ( as Rafaam) and was about to win, when the enemy Player ( Rat King) survived a lethal hit from me. He was at 2 HP, i was dealing 10 (me lvl 5 + malganis on board). But he didnt take any damage and survived for no reason. At the end that costed me the first place so i feel kind of betrayed. I was playing demon comp, and he played mechs (if that helps in any way to figure out what caused the bug).

Same thing happened to me today against lich baz’hial. I hit her for 11 damage and she had 10 health and she survived. This has to be fixed it’s really annoying. Losing rating because of bugs

Same for me, today. Dominating on Tirion, zero damage, unlucky with deathrattle next round and second place. funny (not)

There was a small patch released today, and one of the things it fixes is:

This is probably what happened to you, your client showed you winning the game, when in reality the deathrattle (or Soul Jugglers) ended up differently on the server, thus you actually lost or tied. Hopefully that will not happen again.