Arena , completely luck based , Don't Stress

To be clear , This post is not for crying . It is for new people to understand what is what . 

Lets begin.

If you are planning on doing arena , you have a high chance of just getting completely side walled. It is all luck on which cards they present you to pick from . Some would say it takes skill . I would agree . It also takes a good roll of the dice to get anything useful. 

 However there are players with extreme amount of luck and always get what they want. Some of those players normally troll unlucky ones when they complain on the forums and call them garbage because they have no clue what is actually is happening to the individual. Ignore them , they are sad people with sad lives .

I personally have played enough games in arena to go “OK WTF really?” . Dealing with complete garbage I have been given , to run into everyone else having balanced decks . OR the one and only time I got awesome cards … but for some reason during play could not get what I need to actually use said deck . All the cards were bottomed and supports cards needed later … up top … every game ! BUT, can not cry about it . It is expected from lazy programming to make a buck. My luck is bad in arena therefore I do not bother anymore.

It has been asked for a shuffle button , but same programming. Would be useless. The randomizing program is complete trash to begin with . Some have good luck , most others do not .

Once you have learned the game and gained some skill in card use , but wish to press your luck at arena . Stop and think , its trash so don't expect much. You may get lucky and win , acquire a balanced deck or get complete garbage and get rolled . Either way your skill only helps with the trash you get to pick from. Luck is the only way to win once you have hit this point . 

Make sure you have fun with it rather then get upset. If it is your lucky day ,congrats , if not , hope you learned new combinations you could possibly explore in the general game play . 

Read the comments below , people will leave opinions they can share and trolls will try and flare. All up some info will be useful. Enjoy!

Your post was incredibly hard to read. Just because you can use all kinds of boxes and fonts in this forum doesn’t mean you should.

I partly agree, but definitely not completely.
Luck does play a larger part in Arena than in ranked. There’s no denying that. In ranked, you carefully build your decks. You still want luck to get good matchups, still need to draw the cards you need at the time you need them, but at least you have full control over what is in your deck.
On the other hand, Arena has the same dependency on luck for not running into an opponent that just counters you. The same dependency on luck for drawing the right cards. But now you also are dependent on luck during the draft.

Sometimes, the draft goes your way, you get all kinds of good cards, you get offered synergy, you end up with a fine curve and a nice selection of tools.
And other times, it just stinks.

But do not underestimate the amount of skill needed. I know that my win rate would be higher if I made less bad decisions during the draft. And while playing the games. I have played over 600 runs, and I have gotten better than when I started, but I am still learning. And I need to relearn after every expansion.

Even the best player sometimes has a 0-3 run. Or even a few in a row.
Even the worst player sometimes gets lucky enough to make it to double digit wins.

But if you look at the average of the last 20 runs instead of just the last 2 or 3, then some players are consistently at 6 or better. Some are between 4 and 5 (that’s where I am). And some are below 3.
Those are the skill differences. And if you accept that, embrace it, and are willing to review your lost games to honestly look at turns where you could have made better choices, or to cards you rejected in the draft that would have helped you, then you can get better and increase your average score.

Some of your lost games will be because you simply were unlucky and never stood a chance. But not all of them. And if you do tell yourself that all losses are due to bad luck, then you will continue to get that “bad luck” and never improve.

I actually dont know what happened with the post. Thought it looked weird :slight_smile: . What i was getting aat and you didnt understand was - Once you have skill , it is all luck from there. No matter how you look at it , all luck of the draw. Every deck you make , every arena you do . All luck of the draw once you have skill. What i mean from skill is card knowledge. Understanding how things play out . If you and another player have the same deck and skill set , one player loses 100% of the time , does that means he is bad or unlucky?Some would say bad , forgetting the two are identical . Luck if a massive factor in this game . You get what you get to work with . Playing for years now , I lose 90% of the time in arena due to BAD BAD cards to pick from , every time. Not just once in a while or even 50/50. However , on my son’s account , I win all the time, hands down have a ton of luck on his account. So ya, some will have luck others will not. Problem I am seeing from others that played for ages is , some of them have nasty luck and remade accounts to change it , others are in the top tier of ranks . Take it as you will . Luck has everything to do with this game.

Since it’s impossible to ever find two players at the exact same skill level, and since it’s insanely unlikely to get two players to have the same deck in Arena, this is a non-falsifiable claim. You present it as if it were a fact, but it is of course your opinion, not a fact.

My opinion is that this is wrong. In the theoretic event of two players with equal skill and equal deck facing off multiple times, each will win 50% of the games. Not in the sense that two games are guaranteed 1-1, but in the sense that after 10,000 games, they won’t be more than about a percent off from a 5000-5000 score.

And that is equally unfalsifiable, hence also opinion. Allow me to explain WHY I have this opinion.
Given equal skill and equal deck, both players should of course have the same chance to win. There’s still randomness involved (who get to draw what card, who gets to highroll or lowroll on cards with a random effect, etc). But over the course of many games, luck and bad luck should even out unless the random number generation is unfairly rigged to favour one of the players (which appears to be what you are saying).

Fair random number generation (or rather: fair and random enough for the purposes of a game such as Hearthstone) is easy. Many algorithms are known and published, and most development platforms have built in logic to get random numbers that can be used without investing developer time.
It is of course possible to design and build unfair “random” number generation. But possible is not the same as easy. Especially in a game as complex as Hearthstone, where the same roll is sometimes bad luck, sometimes good luck, depending on the game state.

For a company to invest so much time and effort into something that has an easy alternative must mean they believe they’ll get something out of it. There has to be a benefit for the company, otherwise they’d be throwing money down the drain.
What would the benefit be, for Blizzard, of giving some accounts bad luck and other accounts good luck? If it was something you could buy, then I would see a reason. But then they’d have to advertise it, otherwise it still won’t work. “Buy a battle pass and you will get better rolls in Arena” - for me it would be a reason to quit Arena (and probably Hearthstone overall), but others might be tempted to throw money at Blizzard for better luck. It would be a strategic decision: how many players will quit, how many will continue as normal, and how many will throw us some money.
But as I said, it would only work if it was advertised. And it isn’t. And that’s why I have zero reason to believe that Blizzard invested a lot of money in a feature that is a risk to them if it should ever leak to the public, and that brings them exactly zero benefits.

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If Arena is all luck then how did one guy end up in the top 2 players on the leaderboard four times in like a year?

Time. He grinded it out and was skilled at the game

Completely agree, arena is a total clownfest now… I used to average around 6 to 8 wins, now Im more around zero to 4. every forking card has a battle cry that can change the entire outcome of the game. there is so much RNG there is no way to be a so called good player anymore.