Apple Silicon Native Version of Hearthstone for Mac

Hi! I’m an avid Blizzard fan and I just so happen to play my Blizzard games on Macs.

I happen to have one of the new Apple Silicon Macs with the M1. I’m wondering if there are plans for an Apple Silicon native (be it a Universal Binary or standalone) release of either Hearthstone or at least the Blizzard/ app launcher.

If the PowerPC to Intel transition is any indication of things to come, Apple will very likely deprecate Rosetta 2 (and, with it, the ability to run any Intel Mac binaries) eventually leaving our ability to run Blizzard games that are not WoW: Shadowlands in limbo.

Are there plans to update any other Blizzard Mac games/apps to support the new architecture, or was WoW: Shadowlands the only one? And if the former case, will Hearthstone be among them?

Thank you to any blues that reply!


I sincerely hope they do. I’d be good to get an indication of any future plans for a native M1 version.

FYI - Classic TBC is also M1 native and runs flawlessly on M1 devices.

I hope so as well. Apple has been getting abandoned by Blizzard more and more with each passing month. It’s very disappointing.

Would love client and Hearthstone to run natively on M1 Macs as well.

Likewise, it would be awesome.


Just do it! Maybe port the iPad Version (which already runs on M1).
And while you’re at it: please bring max graphic settings/60fps to iOS. Newer devices are more capable than enough.

I back this… I’ve been a blizz mac user for 8 years and have just recently purchased the highest spec M1 max. The frame lag is not great when plugged into an external monitor. Would love to hear about any plans for this, if any.