Apple Magic Keyboard issue

Bug report.

I just got an Apple Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro and noticed an issue with the in game chat function. I cannot type on the Magic Keyboard if I open a chat with a friend in Hearthstone app since the key presses are not registered. If I undock the iPad the on screen keyboard appears and I can chat.

this sounds more like an issue for tech support than for bug report

It’s a bug in the software! Apps need to add code for Apple Keyboard to work, that’s why I reported it as a bug.

and in tech forums there are qa staff who can help you identify and resolve software related issues

This is a bug. I have the same issue with a new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. The first manifestation of the bug is at the login screen. No input from the keyboard for name or password when the cursor was active. Removing the keyboard the dock popped up the software keyboard for input. Docking again and the software keyboard disappeared and had no way to input text.

(And yes, the keyboard works fine with all of the other apps I have tried. Including searching for “Hearthstone and Apple Magic Keyboard problems” in Safari and Chrome.)

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It’s late October and the magic keyboard is still brpken in this game. Have the developers acknowledged that this is an issue? The iPad Pro 11 screen size took forever to acknowldge and fix. When is Blizzard going treat paying iPad users better?

i am also having this issue

I have had this issue for months for as long as I had the magic keyboard, it works for everything else except the chat when I play hearthstone.

I have same issue. It will be really great if any solution for that will be founded.

I just got an iPad 2020 with Magic Keyboard and it doesn’t work when typing in game. Please update the software!