Any way to have Standard card pool in practice mode?

I play on a tablet that can run quite slowly at times and am trying to practice Nature Shaman against the Innkeeper before taking it into ranked as it’s a fairly high APM deck. I need to make sure I can do the arithmetic quickly enough to play out the turns on my tablet before I would rope in a real game. The problem I’m facing is the Wild card pool messes with the discovers, and Lightning Reflexes is one of the main cards I’m trying to get practice with, which is a double discover. The odds of hitting Bio/Damage are quite important but it’s really hard to get a good feel for these discovers when the pool is so vast. Is there any way to enter practice mode with the standard card pool?

You can play Unranked. There you have the Standard pool and you can play without loosing ranks.

Afaik there is no unranked Standard mode anymore. There’s ranked versions of Standard, Wild and Twist, but Casual mode is now Wild only. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That’s just the confusing UI. You can use any deck in casual, but you’ll be matched against another player based on the type of deck you use (standard, wild or twist), and the discover pool will be based on the format of the decks.

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Nice, thanks. 20char