Any Improvements I Can Make


goblin bombs are awful


Drop your Goblin Bombs for Mecharoos and if you’re encountering a decent number of Rogues and Warriors, drop a Whirliglider for a second Ooze.


As others have said the bombs for mecharoos is the one thing that stands out to me. I personally do not like the chip at all and prefer to run mech hunter with whelps and Play Dead (Play dead is an epic so it is more dust intensive) it does make you weaker vs rogues but stronger against warriors, really depends on what you run into more :slight_smile:
Edit: Nine Lives not Playdead I am just name derping as usual.

If you want to go really ham you can swap the wolves for Galvanizers, they look silly but being able to magnetic a Replicating menace for 3 and wargear for 4 respectively gives you a lot of pressure it is more highrolly though.

I also found Unleash to be less and less useful in the deck (I ran it at first) but the lack of Hyenas combined with the declining numbers of Token druid make it feel really weak at the moment, most of the time against warrior and rogue it does not do a whole lot because Warriors dont play many minions and a lot of Rogue stuff comes from their hand and they do not really care if it sticks or not and most of it has 3 health so doggos+alpha sadly does not cut it vs rogue most of the time. What I am trying to say with many words: Just Direwolf Alpha does not make it worth it imo without more beast Synnergy.


This deck is for Standard climbing by the looks of it, Play Dead won’t be an option.


Well glad I still deserve my name, I meant Nine Lives <.<

(August Dean Ayala) #7

Would agree with most in this thread to say that the cards that fit least with your deck are Goblin Bomb and maybe Cybertech, though that one I like because it’s fun!

I would suggest trying to use the ‘complete my deck’ feature on various cards in your deck. For example, you can just take out the Goblin Bombs and then use complete my deck to see what cards in your collection our data thinks is the best fit. We upgraded the complete my deck feature in the last few months to the point where it’s absurdly accurate. Give it a try.


Any update on when the wild version will be up and running?

Also, any chance of a true random deck feature (old auto-complete deck) being reintroduced? Auto-complete challenges were SO much fun.


My friend runs nine lives in his bomb hunter where you have chosen hounds.

Im gonna have to side with everyone else and say you need some mecharoo. Goblin bombs arent needed because you just generate so many already. You need keynote turn 1 tempo.


Not sure how I didn’t notice this one, but I agree with Dean. The added sustain generally isn’t worth (in my opinion) losing a slot to something that could forward your primary game plan, which is pushing damage quickly and relentlessly.

I’d swap it for either Galvanizer to get your
Magnetics on the board and smacking faces more quickly or Nine Lives because triggering the right deathrattles can give you board presence for magnetics next turn or utility effects like Spider Bomb.


VS just published an updated list, check it out.

It uses upgradable framebot since it’s a hard target for Rogue to remove and an excellent Magnetic target.

Most Mech Hunter lists are not running Oozes, I understand the inclination to include it but it’s not essential for faster decks.


Was running a version of Mech Hunter earlier today with good success. I found the Goblin Bombs, Ooze’s, 2nd Whirli, and 2nd Unleash to be of limited utility. No data with Chip.

Got a LOT of mileage out of galvanizers (esp on curve), mecharoos (magnetic target), and ofc tracking.


Framebot is really good, thanks for bringing it up!

I’ve played a few matches as jepetto hunter against mech and this card would have helped them against that deck too. It relies heavily on constant board control, and only has deadly shot to answer it (which isn’t ideal since its also the only answer to bigger stuff later too).

Anti backstab, anti slam…the list of removal it often ignores is large.


Kinda odd to be swapping back to standard, after already earning the golden Hunter hero portrait aswell.

You want a quick list that could get out of the teens for Hunter or you wanna maybe try to get some wins for another class while at 17? I know you’re F2P but loads of folks here can post decks to ditch rank 17 an such behind if ya want.


What’s wild?



That was the idea which is why I crafted Token Druid. I kept losing with it. A couple players said wild is “easy mode,” so I thought if I started early, I could climb a bit in Standard as well as Wild.

I have exactly enough dust to craft 1 legendary. Summoner Mage runs Khadgar and Kalcegos: I do not have enough for both.

Replace Bombs with Galvanizer.
Remove Dire Wolf and UtH.
Add Upgradeable Framebot.
Remove Chip.

How does this look?


Class: Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of the Dragon

2x (1) Mecharoo

2x (2) Bomb Toss

2x (2) Fireworks Tech

2x (2) Galvanizer

2x (2) Upgradeable Framebot

2x (2) Venomizer

2x (2) Whirliglider

2x (3) Spider Bomb

2x (3) Unleash the Hounds

2x (3) Ursatron

2x (4) Explodinator

2x (4) Replicating Menace

1x (5) Leeroy Jenkins

2x (5) Wargear

1x (5) Zilliax

2x (6) Missile Launcher


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


Climbing in both formats can be a degree of fun, so not gonna knock you for that. I heard you really enjoy Even Shaman in wild, so you should be doing great getting Shaman wins over there.

I will say DO NOT blow your dust on either of those Mage legendaries. They don’t fit your style of play at all. Token Druid might be fun but I have only played it in wild. Hrmm… are you a fan of Warlock by chance?


Bomber Zuljin hunter

Class: Hunter

Format: Wild

2x (1) Play Dead

2x (2) Bomb Toss

2x (2) Galvanizer

2x (2) Mechwarper

2x (2) Venomizer

2x (3) Metaltooth Leaper

2x (3) Nine Lives

2x (3) Spider Bomb

2x (3) Ursatron

2x (4) Explodinator

2x (4) Replicating Menace

2x (5) Wargear

2x (6) Missile Launcher

1x (6) Oblivitron

2x (6) Safeguard

1x (10) Zul’jin


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

You can swop zuljin with zilliax but i know you will be tempted to try him. Tested it at rank 14 and was clobbering a win streak.


Some of my earliest decks were Secret/Tempo Mage. I was wanting to play Exodia Mage for kicks but I was not fortunate enough to get Tony.

Same with tempo rogue: haven’t opened enough of it to waste the dust. Tempo decks are a lot of fun.

As for Warlock, I am missing Soularium, Godfrey, and some other epics/legends I don’t recall. Really, I just want to get to a respectable rank.


iirc you said you liked healzoo in discord a few days ago, right? give me a few mins, i think i saw the deck for you being played on stream earlier, just have to find the list.


Well, bomb mech hunter is ranked tier 1 by several sites so its a good place to start.

Aggressive and direct. Hard to clear constantly. Leaving even one minion alive often means you’ve given all their other minions charge effectively.

It should do very well for you.