Another Android Failure To Launch, Chromebook

Seems like there’s a common issue right now with Chromebooks failing to initialize from start-up. I just wanted to ‘throw my hat into the ring’.

Acer Chromebook 15, Model: N15Q9
Version 79.0.3945.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Initially, after downloading the update from the play store the title screen would pop up, I would get a friend notification then the game would crash/freeze and go ‘app not responding’.

After clearing the cache and doing an uninstall/reinstall, the game now opens to the title screen then immediately jump to a ‘Failed to get update. Please check your network connection.’ Error.

Edit: Apparently when I reinstalled and chose to download to external storage the OS did not give hearthstone permission to access ANY storage. I granted permission, uninstalled and reinstalled to internal and the new update kicked off… Hopefully will be smashing dragons in BGs soon