Alterac Valley Legendary Collector achievement doesn't work

It says 24/25 but I have all 25 legendary cards unlocked. Same with other 2 collection achievements - 134/135 and 34/35. I tried crafting Korrak, same thing.

This state is on my EU account.

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same^…missing a neutral legendary but I have all 5.

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same…… and showing $ in non English client

Same here i tried crafting the two event ones to see if that was it but it isn’t.

Hey all,

Our Hearthstone team is aware of this issue and a fix is being worked on. Appreciate the heads up!

In the future if you discover a potential bug such as an achievement not working, please use the #bug-report forums to report it. Our Quality Assurance team monitors the Bug Report forums and a potential issue will get eyes on it quicker if it’s in the appropriate forum.



Thanks Jambrix. This was an issue last patch as well. I wasted 1,600 dust trying to problem solve myself last expac, lesson learned I guess. Sounds like it will be fixed soon… I just spent 6,400 dust to craft the rest of the legendaries :slight_smile:

Do you not test this before release? Why am I paying for packs if I am doing your work for you?

Having the same issue over here on my end. I understand these things happen, but it’s frequently happening. I, along with others here, are tired of paying money for little errors like this to consistently happen. I expect some reimbursement. Or I suppose I could just stop feeding you money.
Also, give us full refund for the 2 horde & alliance cards. Opened both in packs. FIX PLEASE.

Yea it isnt work… 24/25 !!! collection achiv :pensive:
please fix problem tnx

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