Advice on Adventure Mode and wild mode

I’m an adventure mode lover. . I’ve been through most of the adventures recently and have some ideas. First of all, I think adventure mode should be able to complete daily missions or weekly missions just like any other mode. Second, I think the rewards in Adventure Mode are a bit less, at least to match its price of 2800 Gold or the equivalent of Runestones. Third, since I am a gold card lover, when I want to get a golden card from an ancient adventure, my only option is to take the dust and upgrade it to a golden card. This kind of game experience is not what I want, I think the adventure should have a golden collection that can be purchased directly like the mini collection. Or it is not impossible to directly add heroic difficulty rewards. Finally I have some suggestions for wild mode. I recently went through the cards from the previous version and found that most of them have completely lost the power of the current version. So I wonder if there should be some discount on these card packs like other game makers will cut prices on long-released games. This will benefit new players in Wild mode.