Adventure mode bugs [ Tomb of Terror ]

I played hundreds of Tomb of Terror runs and a serious problem kept occurring after this patch.
No matter what deck I choose, my deck is fixed to the basic deck (left most deck in the choice)

Also, Alchemist’s Stone never appears for a few years. But who cares about adventures right?
so Sadge


Adventure mode is fully bugged DEV FIX THIS IMMEDIATLY


pls help us adventure mode players!
the adventure mode was truly fascinating.
Is it possible to change those decks or maybe modify the possibility of treasure?


快修复 bug,无论选什么初始套牌,都是最左边!!!


when i play tombs of terror it just goes back to the base deck and it is super annoying and kinda takes away the point of the gamemode kinda :(((


兄弟 我也遇到了同样的问题 好惨 现在还没修复呢

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This problem has been encountered for a long time and has not been fixed until now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon :cry:

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Jak tylko Bugzard skończy ujawniać wszystkie karty z drugiego dlc z roku pegaza udostępni drugą aktualizacje przed premierą dlc.

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its the same with the Dalaran heist

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Also experiencing this bug.


Its also affecting shaman from [The Dalaran Heist]

Same for dalaran Heist. You automatically get set into the standard deck.

Same here. It’s been a long time, at least few months.