About not nerfing Hunter whatsoever (and Priest)

We haven’t heard anything on the adventure to my knowledge since the “36 collectible cards” were announced prior to DoD launch.

isn’t it supposed to be on the 20 (in 10 days)?

They literally just posted the trailer ><;

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where? 20characters blablablabla
edit: nvm found it on hearthpwn

Say what again, Priest t4 what have you been drinking you do realize that the popular versions of Quest Rez Priest is sitting at a 56-58% winrate on ladder right. Thats alot higher than t4. At a bare minimum its t2.

Face Hunter might be t2 though close to t1, but will for sure become t1 after the nerfs go live.


Yeah okaying vs a Priest in Casual can you guess the cards been played?

Convincing Infiltrator. Total shock I know!
Psychopomp bring back Zilliax! NEVER HAPPENS!

Quest Complete.

Hearstone Linear Pattern Play. Play Quest. Pass Pass Pass Pass, Play Infiltrator
Forbidden word or one of my 10 other destroy a minion cards!

You know the rest. Mass Rest (bring back 2 Zilliax and 2 Infiltrators) or play another Infiltrator make a 5/5 copy of it. Now Mass Ress again! Now Play Cloning Gallery and get a full board of OP!: Several Kahratus, another Zilliax (9 or 10 now) A Muerte. Plays the same way every day. Match after match after match after match after match…

Why? The didn’t want any skill required to play this game. Just Rock Paper Scissors decks.

Obsidian Statue to Convincing Infiltrator. Same tactics, same game play, same never evolving game.


Face Hunter and Priest have both been very popular and rather successful from about rank 10 and down. Rank 10 to Legend don’t see very much success from either deck.

The reason we chose not to make changes to Priest or Hunter in this patch was not because players at those ranks don’t matter, it’s because we generally see a trickle down effect on the meta that starts in Legend and moves down to rank 17-18. We’d expect the population of both those decks to decrease as players experiment with new decks.

Face Hunter is generally popular at lower ranks because it’s a fairly low cost deck. RIght now it’s weak to a lot of the Shaman, Rogue, and Warlock strategies out there and I imagine that will still be true after the nerfs to those decks. If Face Hunter still continues to be super high population after after 16.2 has been out for a bit it’s likely we would address that deck in some way that makes for a more varied experience.

Edit: I flubbed the matchup data, I was referring to Rezz Priest win rates when mentioning its matchups with Rogue, Shaman, and Warlock. Would still expect the population of Hunter to go down as decks like Pirate Warrior and Galakrond Warrior rise up in population at lower ranks.


I’m still skeptical but this does feel abit reassuring. Especially with how prompt the nerfs have been as of recently.

I feel starting Rank 7 hyper aggro in an uncertain format tends to make the playing experience quite bad because, again, as the curves are all over the place, it’s easy to exploit for those who want a fast rank; personally, I’ll either skip or tech.

Feels nice to get some dev feedback every once in awhile by the way.

Dean is correct, at higher ranks, face hunter disappear. Because they rely only on 1 thing go face. Any deck with healing is GG for them. They can get out aggroed too, I killed a face hunter by turn 4 with token druid. Their prevalent is really because its freaking cheap. 2 epic and no legendary. So at lower ranks, its very effective in ranking up but thats about it.


Yeah, would be nice to see it more often here, but lets not get our hopes up. Its been discussed many times, and they still revert to twitter and reddit after their charity post or two here.


Rogue as a class still exists tho; so does Mage; naturally “Heal-less classes” are going to feel like struggling in a Hyper aggro party (granted Token Druid or Hyper aggro will be the new mean to counter Face/Burn builds).

Highlander Rogue, Galakrond Rogue, arguably FUN builds for the class already struggled vs Face Hunter which is why I am abit unsure about (un)mentioned favourable Rogue matchups against Face Hunter (? I guess Tempo builds); Apothecary nerf feels abit huge as it’s no Barnes (fair, but huge); I guess that is just leaving which sucks, I craved to play Highlander Rogue for awhile.

Tl;dr, very skeptical in terms of this post nerf “fun factor” of experience but I am glad the consideration of nerfs was not completely ignored and can still happen if things escalate with it.

we can see again. My highlander rogue is 50/50 against hunter. Mulligan for tempo, get the board, threaten face and keep zephyrs. A zephyrs shadowstep zephyrs gave me 16 healing against them before.

Face hunter is pretty good against the greedy shaman galakrond deck (the one running spirit of the frog). Also against the greedy Apothecary rogue.

Meanwhile, the slow galakrond deck is good versus priest (zentimo + triple hex is GG generally).

So your (top tier) galakrond shaman or rogue deck got nerfed some, and fast hunter decks profit of that.

sounds to me you need to ADJUST (which is correct after a nerf) and probably be less greedy or tech more healing.

Zoo warlock and galakrond warrior still should be able to defeat face hunter without too much of a problem IMO, just like rogue still should be able to beat warriors

How does Rogue consistantly survive against Face Hunters tho without relying on 2/30 Shadowstep Zephrys all the time tho?

every deck needs a counter. Rogue has Always been vulnerable to face decks.

The apothercary decks also ran a bunch of lifesteal (and rush) minions so after their combo they could heal themselves for quite a bit (2 mana 4/7, rush, lifesteal is quite insane).

kill them before they kill you. Then a turn 4 apo to a 7/7 mech + a zillax is simply game winning. some taunts also help you against weapon damage. they can get bad draws too which give you more time. hence a 50/50 for me.

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Rogue can race them w/ a decent hand, or simply sustain via Zephrys 'n Shadowstep, or Zilliax.

I can agree with face hunter, but from my experience I can hardly see this happening to priest, they became a lot more powerful due to the presence of breath of the infinite, one thing is when u give’em a good late game with taunt minins and nice removal, but giving them more early control tools is a mistake, aggro decks can’t make it that easily anymore.

Hunter and Priest are extremely techable. Try doing that maybe instead of complaining more?

No offence since im always glad to see Blizz posts at these forums, but it seems like Blizz posts are only keep popping before new content is released. Last time we saw them at these forums were pre RoS or Pre SoU i think and by then the forums are in total abandonment.
Now we see Blizz posts just right before the new adventure hits …
Can you guys stay a bit more with us the rest of the year?

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