29.4.3 Patch Notes

Patch 29.4.3 is a server-side hotfix patch rolling out now with the following updates and bug fixes.

Arena Updates

The draft card pool has been adjusted, with a handful of card swaps in and out of the card pool for each class and Neutral. Additionally, appearance rates of particular higher-impact cards have been decreased in Shaman, Demon Hunter, and Death Knight and increased in Paladin, Priest, and Warrior.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [General] Fixed a bug in the new player experience where some players were unable to skip the Apprentice Track if they hadn’t yet finished the Tavern Guide (players will need to restart their client after skipping for this fix to take effect).

  • [Hearthstone] If Splendiferous Whizbang is Golden, it will now give Golden Hero Portraits and Hero Powers. (Non-Golden Whizbang will still give Golden Hero Portraits and Hero Powers if you have that hero Golden.)

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug with how effects that set stats (like Alarmed Securitybot and Hodir, Father of Giants) worked with Magnetic minions.

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where The Nighthold sometimes didn’t cast all 3 Secrets.

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Lil’ Rag and Rat Pack were not added to the minion pool as intended.

  • [Battlegrounds] Removed Zilliax pieces from Eudora’s hero power.

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a visual bug where Trigore the Lasher’s effect would appear to trigger if you played Backstage Bouncer (dealing damage to your Hero).


The store in the game has been closed for 3 months, are we going to fix it at all???!!!???


Why is it so impossible to just post which cards are being swapped/changed etc for Arena, why do we always have to just figure this stuff out ourselves…


Only you have problems with the store… Restart the Installation or download everything again, something is corrupt… why are there no complaints from the store on Twitter and Instagram

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I feel like not telling is way better design. You should draft a card if you think it’s good, and not draft a card if you think it’s bad. make your deck with synergistic cards instead of following build guides and trying to get exact cards/combos.

mine’s been closed too


The hell you mean, “Only you have problems with the store.”? Are you perhaps blind? Have you not seen the many multiples of complaints?

I know I should never feed the trolls, but sheesh, people like you who make false claims just to get a reaction out of people really piss me off.


Thanks for the valuable advice, but I’ve already tried everything several times, nothing has changed, the store is closed…

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Lets try and work on some of the solo content bugs please for the next release. I. E the boomsday projects. Unable to obtain card back due to mana replenish bug. Boommaster flark 2 /6

Cannot trigger Druid or hunter for the mystery of the Phoenix card back due to the legacy cards. I still have one unfinished task in the steppes, I bought unnecessary legendary cards to complete. please fix this!!!

Bro You didnt get it at all… Its about playing around possible cards your opponent could have. Not about drafting

are you guys ever gonna release battlegrounds pass skins in the shop? considering you guys have done that with the hearthstone tavern pass i’d assume so?

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, how can you know if a card is good or bad if you don’t know the pool of cards that are available? Chillwind Yeti was one of the best cards in the game 10 years ago, now it’s horrible.

Not telling you is just strictly bad design for a game mode that has prizes on the line. Maybe if it was a fun casual game mode like Tavern Brawl, it’d be fine to say they don’t want it to be min-maxed, but that’s not okay for Arena.

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Hello! I’d like to ask if Rafaam discounts are working properly, seeing as Astalor isn’t getting discounted. If not, well, that’s one thing I hope to be fixed.

Thank you for your attention.

Pc got a patch mac got a patch mac is getting another patch they are looking into the EU server. IM ON ANDROID ON THE US SERVER WITH THE SAME “SHOPS CLOSED” BUG FOR 6 PATCHES AND WE’RE NOT EVEN MENTIONED!!! I still don’t have a mini set how can I get excited about new cards I don’t even get to play? :frowning: