25.2 Patch Notes

Hi, can we do something about the battleground pass?
Can we have something like a recurring reward on the rewards track after completion, similar the standard HS?
The rewards track is completed less than halfway through the season and for the rest of the season, it just sits there doing absolutely nothing.
At least give us more levels (and more rewards) to complete or something


And where is rank restart? As i had 6900 points at the end of 2nd season - so i get 6900 at the start of 3rd.

Since when is druid op

"the fan favorite heroic brawl>

More like “the scummy predatory monetization brawl we keep forcing on the playerbase that was revealed years ago to be an absolute scam, and is better to just buy packs outright because this is literally an illegal casino game”

heroic brawl isn’t a thing gretchen. Stop trying to make it happen.

And of course the usual: “misc other bug fixes and game improvements”



Why does Level 4 “Rending Winter (Rare Strike)” need the season pass while Level 31 is “Rending Winter (Epic Strike)” and is free?

How does that work? Regular animation unless you get 15 or more than you get the epic strike?

Did someone mess up and make “Level 15 Rising Phoenix (Rare Strike)” free instead of the level 4 one?

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No leí un carajo, porque soy taringuero de la.vieja escuela, pero imagino que bg sigue siendo ptw, paso de volver a jugar si no devuelven los perks por 2000 de oro.
Ajusten construído que está injugable

So no balance changes? I used to brag about how good a blizzard was at balance. It is incredibly hard, incredibly complex- I get it. You have access to more and better stats than we do, but from what the community sees there are some major win rate discrepancies. It’s hard. Do it anyway.


Those days are long gone. Even before the pandemic those times were a distant memory.

Yub nub, brother.

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sezon ticket is too toooooooooo expensive. I won’t pay until it’s 1/3 the price

Hi Hearthstone, thanks for the update and content. I’m sad to see ‘Quests’ being removed as it felt like a core gameplay mechanic. I will explain: Something I find fun is discovering all of the synergies and possibilities that can happen. Between ‘Hero selection’ and ‘Minion pools’ you get possibilities. With ‘Quests’ you got even more. This added just another layer of depth to the game. Thanks again keep up the good work!


There’s a glitch right now with the golden gun spell craft and the undead pirate with avenge. If you golden the avenge pirate it loses all gold progress once it reverts back to a regular card at the start of your next turn

I’ve been playing Battlegrounds since the release, and I have a suggestion to make. I’m sorry if it’s already been turned down or something. A ready up button, that requires 100% of the players in the lobby to press it in order for the turn to begin… I’ve found myself waiting for a whole minute many times… Sometimes, turns are really that easy, especially in the early game, and I think this would improve the dynamic a lot. Thanks in advance


we werent expecting one on this patch we knew we would get a BG only patch before the balance patch…

I’m sad that Standard doesn’t get any rewards for the Lunar Festival. I don’t play Battlegrounds. :cry:


Thanks for the update but why doesn’t the traditional Hearthstone game get anything for this event? A bit sad for non-battlegrounds players.

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Why did you delete the quests from battlefield ? I really don‘t understand it.

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so you’re just going to let mercenaries die, huh?

Ever since the much hyped (and long lied and delayed) coin upgrade fix turned out to be a scam…the mode has been dead. Especially since they only recently fixed an issue with an event going on and extended it that didn’t even offer a diamond skin as a reward, but never made it right for past events where it was bugged too.

ive played upwards of 40 matches in battlegrounds since patch and while undead seem really strong, i havent seen jaraxxus one time show up in hero selection or in a game

Thinking about the acquisition of Activision one year ago by Microsoft. Changes in the gaming infrastructure are typical. Powerhouse: do they care about fan base or the community?
Wonder where the flow goes.
My two cents.
Thank you.