25.2 Known Issues

came to report this, one of those “how does this happen” types of bugs

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Found an issue with rot hide knoll and the Vol’jin hero power. Rot hide knoll’s passive no longer works after the hero power has been used on it.

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When playing Whizzbang is Wonderful , the spell only Demon Hunter deck dosen’t work.
The deck is built with spells that work only if you have no minions , so the deck is really bad.

I haven’t been able to install the update on PC. It’s stuck in 25.0. I’ll search for update and client shows up to date. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall.


Came to post something similar.

Opponent was playing Tavish, and he sniped my Blanchy. It came back, THEN Soulsplitter gave it reborn, which it retained after each rebirth.

I suspect this would happen with Red Whelps, too, or any other “Start of Combat” effect that kills Blanchy before Soulsplitter does its thing.

The achievement for blightfang doesn’t work for me. I tried both the zombies from blightfang and tomb guardians but none of them counted towards the achievement.


Damage prevention in Mercenaries is bugged. When Brightwing comes in as a fourth mercenary after rattlegore dies, boggy will prevent damage to brightwing instead of to Nemsy (the character to boggy’s left). Repositioning does not fix this. Also, Garrosh’s Mak’gora does not always prevent damage.

So the “Corpse Explosion” DK card is great.
However, it seems to not work as intended in arena for some reason. Today I played a game where I had 5 corpses but the corpse Explosion only triggered once… leaving up the entire board of my opponent. Not sure what the bug is, might be working like defile unintended?

You have to play in ranked, arena or duels. I think even casual duels work. I had progress on this achieve just some day ago, not sure if it was before the patch so it might have broken.

Budding Greenthumb


does not give +2/+1 only gives +2/+0 and it is not permanent

I noticed a bug in battlegrounds when you play on Vol’jin. I had a catalyst dragon and another minion with divine shield but when I use Vol’jin’s hero power and swap their stats no one of them gains +10 more attacks. Only after next fight the stats was increased. This was a problem because i need these +20 attacks in the combat but not after it. Fix this problem, please.

Pufferquil does not gain Poisonous if you use the spell from Greta Gold-Gun. It only becomes golden


Cant play error what happen

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The effect of the hero power of Rakanishu, Tavern Lighting (in German Gasthausbeleuchtung), in Battleground is still translated incorrectly into German. The problem was addressed in Forum in August 2022 and is still not fixed.
The German version says “Verleiht einem Diener Werte entsprechend Eurer Gasthausstufe” it should say “Verleiht einem Diener Werte entsprechend Seiner Gasthausstufe”.
“Euer” is “your” and is player based. “Seiner” is “his” and is based on the card level.
It is not a technical problem, the Hero Power works as it is intended, but it is confusing for players who do not know this mistranslation.

When I tried it was in standard and wild. I even tried again just now and it didn’t work either.


Hey there is a glitch in the card C’thun if you draw the card through a card effect it loses all of its puffs

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Hey there,

There is a bug with “magister dawngrasp” the mage legendary hero card. It’s hero power says that the damage is increased by +2 for an honorable kill, but it’s only increased by 1 in reality, so either there’s a bug in the game or the text hasn’t been updated.

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While playing Battlegrounds there is a bug with Rot Hide Gnoll ability. If i buy it with ability of Xyrella the ability of card doesnt work in battle. I saw this bug in previous patch and in latest.

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