25.2 Known Issues

found tamsin exploit with the sinrunner blanchy and soulsplitter, if you have the sinrunner as the only undead and the lowest health minion and use the hero power then it will get reborn from the soulsplitter and therefore never ever die.

Found this unintentionally but tested it for a couple of rounds before conceding, this will need to be patched as it’s game breaking

Same problem here, every time! It’s insane how this has been happening for over 2 months and there they don’t even mention as a known bug anymore…

Importing a deck into duels removes your class treasure card and prevents you from completing deck building until you restart and manually add the cards FYI

I had a bug that when I inflicted a number of damage higher than the point of life of my opponent, it displays the animation of death for my opponent then the game continues as if nothing was and displays null when we look at the last fight. the bug is repeated several times and after several rounds I lost
(I recorded but the site prevents me to put the link)

Maybe telling us what “misc other bug fixes and game improvements” were done, since you guys screw the game up enough as it is when we know what’s been done. Stealth patch “fixes” don’t inspire a lot of confidence, given the team’s lack of coding ability. It’s not that hard to add to the list, and the omission is telling.

Missing from this list are addressing the continued existence of the predatory monetization in the game, runestones (the failed multi currency system from HoTS), and making bgs p2w. That should be addressed A.S.A.P.

Very weird. I’ll pass this along, thanks.

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The DK treasure Scourge Strike remains unplayable since its realese, extremely frustrating since Heroic duels are payed.

I am unable to install this update on IPhone. Am currently on my 4th time downloading the whole update. Every time it completes download and I open Hearthstone and it sends me back to the store to start the download. Have tried restarting etc am now trying on mobile data which is ridiculous.

Thank you! I appreciate this.

Just for clarification, Baku’s animation goes off, and it changes the Hero Power… Into a replica of the same one, not an upgraded one.

Mercenaries still not accessible on some android mobile devices. Tapping Mercenaries in the main menu gives “We encountered an error while loading this menu. Try again later.” error. Has been unavailable since the renown patch.


When playing battlegrounds. You cannot view Sire Denathrius power or any information on his panel to the left after a battle. It goes empty. (Viewed from the one playing him)


My shop is closed
Anyone else has same problem ?


After the last update my store is closed and I also didn’t receive my Xyrella skin redeemed at twich I don’t know if both the problems are related

Y same here closed shop this is really disgusting

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came to report this, one of those “how does this happen” types of bugs

2715 posts and i can only assume they are all like this, log off bro

Found an issue with rot hide knoll and the Vol’jin hero power. Rot hide knoll’s passive no longer works after the hero power has been used on it.

4 posts, and 25% are like this…you know what they say about assumptions. I feel bad for you and umption.


Naturally, mods will ignore pro company trolling because it suits their agenda to do so.

Stay classy mods, team 5, actiblizz, and microsoft!

When playing Whizzbang is Wonderful , the spell only Demon Hunter deck dosen’t work.
The deck is built with spells that work only if you have no minions , so the deck is really bad.

I haven’t been able to install the update on PC. It’s stuck in 25.0. I’ll search for update and client shows up to date. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall.