25.0 Known Issues

I can confirm that Deck codes are broken in Duels for me as well (and also several other people at least: https://www.reddit.com/r/HS_Duels/comments/z89gfk/deck_code_pasting_on_duel_deck_building_is_not/)

Book of heroes Faelin:

Ozumat achievement doesn`t trigger.

Special minion storybooks like Finley’s Musings from Storm Tyrant don`t spawn if already a common storybook for killing any minion has spawned this game. This makes it almost impossible to get since you can only survive behind a taunt wall without killing other minions and Storm Tyrant just suicides because of rush.

These storybooks don`t spawn:
Grace’s Notes Part II
Half-Digested Tome
Meet the Mrrgltons
Zin-Azshari Crystal
Prisoner’s Log
Abyssal Forces.


Stuck on tavern /inn
dor image at starting game. After updating. Try reinstal still the same. Wasting internet data,money and time


Mercenaries: The visitor tasks don’t display the name of the bounty anymore, the name is replaced with “bounty n”
FR client on PC


The same thing happens to me but do you use android or ios and what version are mine is android 9 and I have the same problem as yours

if the problem was people who was confused by difficult level before, now they cleary write it so yes is “fixed”.
The bug is in the changelog and probabily in the lack of communication between developers and community managers.

Still no fix about android player?

Gues no more HS for us guys.
Gl with previus spending

Since yesterday I have the same problem and there is no change

This reads like your intention was it to be as is, that you need to play him to earn him, which makes no sense unless you could people using him in Arena or a duels Bucket.

I did not read it that way. I read it as though they intend for Denathrius to be achievable. Most uncraftable cards have achievements that go along with them while the expansion is out, then the achievements are converted into a way to also earn that card when the rewards track goes away. I think in this case they weren’t thinking about that when they created Denathrius’s achievement that awarded reward track xp.

The new hero skins release in this patch lack the appropriate artist credits

This is listed in the above notes.

Is the HotFix out for android yet my game is still crashing when I get to main menu.

If I build a deck the tiny pictureparts of card art (deck overview) are not correctly displayed anymore. Divine Favor in deck overview showed the white-haired man’s eyes for example. Now you can only see his forehead in the small image section and no eyes anymore. And this misrepresentation applies to ALL the little pics in deck building mode.

I can send screenshots if that helps.

I purposely took a day off for this I hope it’s worth it please fix it by 12 please

Hearthstone is still crashing and freezing on android can’t even play a game or get into my deck creation without crashing. Will this get fixed I’m really looking forward to the new set just hoping this can get resolved soon please.

I agree. I’m as much critical with the developers as anyone, as there are unfortunately plenty of reasons to be. This is just an honest oversight/mistake that they already said they will fix.

I am French and I can confirm that I have the same problem with Mercenaries (FR client on PC too) : instead of the name of a boss for a bounty, the name is replaced with “bounty n (Normale)”. So I don’t know which boss I should fight and I’m not gonna try all the bosses in a zone. Can we have the name of the boss again, instead of “bounty n”, Blizzard please ? I have this problem with all new visitor tasks or almost all tasks.

I’ve got the same problem (French language).

Unable to reroll? - #3 by SparkyElf-2852 — apparently, known by the developers, but not documented here, which it should be.