25.0 Known Issues

I purposely took a day off for this I hope it’s worth it please fix it by 12 please

Hearthstone is still crashing and freezing on android can’t even play a game or get into my deck creation without crashing. Will this get fixed I’m really looking forward to the new set just hoping this can get resolved soon please.

I agree. I’m as much critical with the developers as anyone, as there are unfortunately plenty of reasons to be. This is just an honest oversight/mistake that they already said they will fix.

I am French and I can confirm that I have the same problem with Mercenaries (FR client on PC too) : instead of the name of a boss for a bounty, the name is replaced with “bounty n (Normale)”. So I don’t know which boss I should fight and I’m not gonna try all the bosses in a zone. Can we have the name of the boss again, instead of “bounty n”, Blizzard please ? I have this problem with all new visitor tasks or almost all tasks.

I’ve got the same problem (French language).

Unable to reroll? - #3 by SparkyElf-2852 — apparently, known by the developers, but not documented here, which it should be.

Ok this is beyond ridiculous at this point.

Put an in game notification of this. Most players will not see this and mess this up.

Also this message itself is confusing!!!

This is a mess waiting to happen on the first day of the expansion.

I can’t even play mercenaries on android, whenever I click on the mercenaries option the game just says there is an error and makes me go back to the starting menu.

Will the reroll feature also work for Signature legendaries? For example, I opened a signature Grand Magister Rommath card, and I plan to buy the Tavern Pass and receive the Diamond Grand Magister Rommath card as well. Will I have the option to reroll the signature version into either another signature legendary or even just a base legendary?

Just logged in since patch 25.0 went live

Saw that some of my previous decks had cards missing - appears that golden cards that I had are now saying they are unavailable so had to remove them from the deck and add the normal versions of them.

Cards I had that were golden that I can remember that are now only normal are:
Frost Lich Jaina
Spirit Lash
Skulking Geist

Seems they are all from the Frozen Throne expansion - please resolve this as I want my hard earned golden fancy cards back!

this was temporary cards , you didn’t owned it at first but gained them as part of core set …

Announcement of 1st novemeber

Patch 24.6, launching today, is a massive patch that kicks off Hearthstone’s next event, immediately adds Knights of the Frozen Throne to the free Core Set for a limited time


very 1st pack i opened i got a signature copy of lor’thamar theron. i already had this card in my collection from battle pass. no option to reroll. this isn’t how it was advertised.

seems i might be mistaken? will we not be offered reroll if the original card is uncraftable?
yep i missed that…nevermind.


There´s an issue with ´De Other Side´, when it summons Flesh Behemoth, it does not trigger it´s deathrattle. The other cards/deathrattles trigger as normal after De Other Side ends.

There seems to be an issue with reroll where it can reroll into a legendary you already have. I purchased Diamond Frostwhisper from the shop for gold and then was offered the reroll option since I already had her from preorder Path of Arthas cards. So far so good. It didn’t immediately reroll but upon entering the collection, I was notified it rerolled into Frostmourne, but I already had a copy of Frostmourne. Hoping this gets solved b/c the feature is great in concept.

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It was clearly stated but another point. Core cards should be given to all players when they rotate out. It helps out new players, existing players and generally is a good PR move.


the Core cards are created for that purpose , give temporary old cards to new players , you can’t expect they gift them when old players buyed them in the past.
They do that on Hearthstone year change , it was just a special thing they added old DK cards for a month in november.
The bad thing is that people instead of be happy to have 1 month access to this old cards for free , they are sad now that they removed them.

I bought the newest Tavern Pass for MotLK but my client bought the old Murder at Castle Nathria Tavern Pass instead. I already issued a support ticket but apparently a lot of others on reddit and twitch have the same bug. Could you please look into it?


Till when the standart boosters are desactived ? i’ve 81 of them who looking bad at me

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Legendary Arthas DK skin is missing it’s special hero power animation, and Lor’themar is still too

March of the Lich King Prologue level starts on second stage (Mal’Ganis). When selecting each level, the RP voiceover for the next level plays.

If I select Mal’Ganis, a voiceover appropriate for Uther plays. If I select Uther, a voiceover appropriate for Sylvanas plays.