23.4 Known Issues

But it shows hearthstone icons also is the decktracker not working at the moment ?

Can’t open my packs on pc.

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It’s working but hasn’t updated, yet.

Also, the Shaman skin Son of Durotan is locked for some reason

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Yes you are right good sir.

I’ve noticed that one of my decks has one of the new cards in it, specifically the warlock deck with Commander Ulthok. I cannot que for ranked play as it gives an error loading a match, and to please try again in a few minutes.

Two bugs no one here mentioned yet:
Card shuffle effects now shuffle one at a time (Togwaggle’s Scheme, Faelin etc) and take forever.

The neutral achievements from the miniset do not seem to progress at all.
Edit: The Harold Naga one seems to work with some Herolds, but the Warlock one at least did not work for me.

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I’ve been saving some standard packs and golden packs to open with the mini set, so I hope this bug gets fixed quickly. What a terrible day to disable opening packs, guys.

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Whenever I open Heartstone, it gives me an error saying “Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted Hearthstone as it was connecting to our servers. Please wait a few minutes for them to disperse and try again.”
There is also an error code at the top right of the screen that says, “HS:NGRESULT DB ERROR:303:0”
This has been going on for a few hours. I have reinstalled the game, but it still does not load.

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Unable to open standard packs on PC

Just played. I Warlock vs Warrior. In endgame, Warrior has the card that gets +1+1 for all spells (additionally equipped with the Gnome Knife) he played. I have the paladin secret that an attacking minion is set to 1/1. Warrior attacks, secret triggers, disappears and he smacks me 2x 19/19 in the face. Instead of 2x 1/1.

This sounds like a carry-over bug from last patch, not related to the specific new card. If it’s the issue from last patch, just delete the deck entirely and re-build it and that should resolve the issue.

Mercenaries attack randomly (on our end) when they have the same speed, instead of in the order we have queued them. Is this intended or a bug?

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Other people have this issue too
Is the cat hero bugged? : BobsTavern (reddit.com)
[Bug] Golden Minions gotten from Bigglesworth Hero Power as Master Nguyen does not give triple : BobsTavern (reddit.com)

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Also unable to open standard pack earned by winning a brawl.
NA, iPad

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my mobile after the update has gone haywire. when you normally click to enlarge cards on your screen like your hand to play a card each turn is broken. it only works sometimes. its very hard to play when your in hand cards wont enlarge for you to look at and play any suggestions?? can this be a coding error or is it something i have to try on my end?


I can’t access to the game in mobile. I’m using a xiaomi redmi note 8. The error is HS:NGRESULT DB ERROR:303:0. I’ve already clean my data and download the 5 GB’s again and it doesn’t work.


In the Acolyte of Nzoth Bounty, defeating the Acolyte summons two 25/25 tentacles. Defeating each of those tentacles summons 2 more 25/25 tentacles with wording “if this is the only tentacle, gain +50/+50” (wording not exact). It appears that if there is one tentacle alive, instead of a raw 50/50 buff, every single action taken either by one’s mercenaries or the tentacle sets the tentacle back to 75/75 or heals it by 50 which is inconsistent with the wording


On PC, under “Solo Adventures” The Book of Heroes tab said I had 20 challenges remaining. I clicked on it to go to the hero selection screen. The screen showed that I had not completed Illidan and Faelin. I selected Illidan and played the challenges through to completion. When I returned to the hero selection screen after completing Illidan, it showed that I had completed Faelin and not Illidan. When I went back one screen level to the “Book of Heroes” tab, it still showed that I had 20 challenges to complete. I quit out of the client and restarted it. No changes to any of the above issues.