21.2 Known Issues

Hope HSBG soon will be esport ready…

Could you please fix so Tarecgosa keeps her whelp smuggler buffs granted by Arm of the Empire when Tarcegosa is taunted?
see: Battlegrounds: Tarcegosa bug with arm and whelp smuggler

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Might want to check on leapfrogger with rat pack and baron

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Is Defiant Shipwright turning into a 4/8 instead of a 6/8 when Tripled a bug? Seems pretty buggy to me. Have noticed it in both my own comp and my opponents.

Yes it is and it’s just one of the many bugs this update had, the amount of simple bugs you’d find in normal gameplay makes this such an embarrassment considering this is the official release of battlegrounds.

Pls also remove cthun from wild. It has a broken interaction with Maxima.

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good to see things are still being looked at

In the meantime, has anyone worked out what the line is to add into options.txt to always enable chat? I figure if you manually put it in there it should work still.

hi sir excuse me why you say that you fixed:

  • Fix a visual bug that caused enemies to show the wrong tavern tier in Battlegrounds.

But this is actually not fixed help please

known issue: unfun game

Solar eclipse quadruples spells from Kazakus