2020 Macbook Pro with M1 freeze and crash

It crashes every 15-20 mins when playing hearthstone with my M1 chip Macbook. Display will freeze, for the game and for the whole system. But apps are still running, I can hear the sound. Sometoimes it can be recovered by unplug html cable, but after few tries the whole system will freeze completely(no sounds), have to restart the computer.


Same. This is ridiculous. I’m very dependent on a deck tracker so not being able to play on desktop is awful for me. I was 3 games from legend and everything froze, I lost 2 turns and then obviously the whole game. Blizzard, PLEASE fix this even though you don’t care about Mac users.

I had this exact same problem with League of Legends. The way I fixed it was to enabled “Legacy OpenGL” in League. Unfortunately, Hearthstone doesn’t have this option :frowning:

I also tried adding vsync=0 to the bottom of the hearthstone options text file and that did nothing.

Hoping it gets fixed soon because I love this game.

You can try the iPad hearthstone Apps And tell me but it works ??
I need as much information as possible


It has been so long since the m1 macbook release have to play on an old computer cause they don’t fix this simple issue.


It seems the issue is gone now.