19.2 Patch Known Issues

Is there any updates on this?

Chaos Gazer in an Arena match didn’t do its battlecry when played from hand, or else the animation failed to go off. I’m not sure if the opponent played the cursed card or if the battlecry didn’t work. No card was burned on my next turn. I think this happened on a board with Christmas lights if that matters.

The applause and cheering after a match cuts out suddenly, which is minor but somewhat annoying.

I can’t play the Garrosh hero story as it hasn’t even shown up on my game yet. Did the update. And still nothing. Just wanna play it and get my pack.

When I Murozond the infinite solar eclipse, my next spell doesn’t cast twice

During both ranked mode and arena those two corrupted cards , Tickatus and Insatiable fellhound , stay on the battlefield in the corrupted version after they dies ; actually i couldn’t attack with them or interract in any way but it would affect matches , fix it fast pls .

I did not receive the XP boost.
If I read the patch note correctly, I should have won a few level regarding the 20% less xp on the reward track.

Can Blizzard look into it?


The “visual bug” for corrupted minions also occurs after being stolen by Cabal Acolyte or Cabal Shadow Priest. I had to attack a taunt minion on my own board, not very intuitive.

Hi guys, after 3 hours this bug continues to ruin my games …
Please hotfixed, I screened as well, I hope you can refund all the runs RUINED by this bug in the latest update (at least 4/5, one with travern pass). Thanks a lot.

I really hope you will patch and solve the bug with corrupted minion.

They take an emplacement on board, so heros who invocated them can’t use these emplacements and attack with them but opponent is not annoyed by these minions.

They deployed a server-side patch that’s supposed to fix it. Might need to relog unless it hasn’t finished updating on their end yet.

Sheesh. Again and again, releasing the obvious beta.

It’s better to wait a bit longer and stomp the bugs instead of rushing the release and wasting people’s gold!

Now I’d really like some compensation for the gold I’ve wasted on heroic duels.

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Battlegrounds Bug: Infinite Toki Hero Power does not refresh the correct number of minnions after you select the darkmoon faire card that adds an extra minnion to bobs tavern for the rest of the game.

I had a BG match where my opponent had both golden Soul Juggler (6/6) and Elistra the Immortal. My Zapp Slywick attacked first and attacked the Elistra. Elistra’s text says “whenever a friendly taunt minion is attacked, this gets attacked instead”. Since Soul Juggler is not a taunt minion the Elistra shouldn’t be the new target for my Zapp in my understanding.

Winning a single game of tavern brawl no longer awards a free pack.

Same. No reward for brawl.

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This week it rewards a card back.
If already obtained, it will reward a card pack.


Yeah, many people just do not read news on Blizzard site… It is tiring to see all the same complaints again and again.

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I know, but I got no reward.

There’s a bug in battlegrounds where you lose if you pick almost half of the heroes hehe

since this patch came and the reset happened, I am not getting 300 points for firsts. I was 12k before the reset and still after over 200 games, including 57 first places, I am barely back to 5k.

I reported this to support who refuse to do anything and I posted it in the forums along with links to the screenshots

300 bug

I should be near my old score by now instead of struggling to get to 5k. this needs to be fixed.